Monday, June 06, 2005

are we even safe?

How safe are we? Crime seem to be rampant nowadays and in all forms. Most violent as well. What is happening to our country?! Gone are the days where its pretty safe to take a jog or walk around your neighbourhood or just do some gardening outside your house. Now you have to worry that someone isn't lurking around looking for some quick cash.

Something scary just happened earlier right in front of my house. We were having tea in the living room and I was on the phone with a close family friend. Suddenly comes a red Proton Saga and this tall indian dude walks out smoking. He rings the doorbell. My dad then gets up and goes outside to see whats up. He shows a piece of paper to my dad and ask if he knows where a particular address is. As my dad got closer (thankfully with the gate closed) to look at the paper, he grabs a gold chain around my dad's neck and takes off into the car screaching away. In the car were 2 other indian fellas. As it happened, my dad shouted but what else could he really do?? Luckily when the chain came off, the pendants around it (which were more important) dropped and my dad managed to save them. The chain itself was around 24 grams which I think at todays market rate would be RM1k plus! Arrghh. Thankfully they didn't jump into the house or cause any harm. What a traumatising event. Now I'm worried that they would have targetted our house and might do something even more daring later although my dad thinks otherwise. Why why why? They somehow just decided to stop in front of our house when there are tonnes of others and we were the only ones where the front sliding door was closed. Only thing that you could have seen from outside would be the living room light. No one would have thought we were in or even awake. Sigh.

If anyone comes to your gate nowadays, please take caution. If you do not recognise the person, it would be better to just ignore. You never know what he/she is up to. Arseholes would do anything these days for a quick buck. Bastards!