Sunday, April 29, 2007

reds go marching on on on...

It seems the Devils are just unstoppable! Game started out bad with us trailing behind 2 nil after 50 odd minutes. Not too long after MU kicked into gear and walloped 4 goals before time. One of em' courtesy of our ex Man United youth, Phil Neville. Great comeback I must say. Got me a lil worried there. Didn't want to lose our lead to Chelsea for the league title. Bolton did us a favor as well by holding Chelsea for a draw. Now we are 5 points up and can afford to rest players during our last 3 league games. If we manage to just draw all the games the Premiership is ours. Am sure the lads can already smell it!

Now am looking forward to the 2nd leg match at San Siro with AC Milan on Thursday. Hope we will have one of our regular defenders fit by then. If not there isn't much to worry anyways. The Red Devils have managed to hold their ground even with a weakened line up. The fringe players have really shined this season.

Glory glory Man United!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

finals here we come!!

What a great game! Manchester United with another amazing show. All looked bad towards the end of 1st half but the Devils took control in the 2nd half and came back top. Milan didn't have a chance. Should have been more goals but we will take the 1 goal lead. See you guys in San Siro. Sadly we'll be without Evra but Smith can come on and give more grunt in the attack.

Kudos to Fletcher, Giggsy, Rooney and Heinze for a terrific performance. Keep it up lads and we'll make the treble this year. Yee Ha!

Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
As the reds go marching on, on, on...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

glory glory man united!

A great game to be played later tonight or more like early tommorow mornin'. Manchester United vs AC Milan at Old Trafford for the 1st leg of Champions League Cup semi final match. A depleted Red Devils against a full strength Rossoneris. Many are already saying MU is out due to the lack of first string players especially in defense but I have faith that our fringe players will shine tonight. Wes Brown and Heinze will hold the fort while O' Shea and Fletcher will close down the flanks. On top of that we have our attack which is sizzling hot! Am relying on Ronaldo and Rooney to stir the team on. Its gonna be a team effort and there isn't any team out there now that plays as well together as the Red Devils.

Glory glory Man United!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

freaking taxes...

Arrgghh. Looks like I owe the government RM800 odd. How can this be?! Looks like 19% plus of my salary is going towards taxes. Sigh. Such depressing news. Why??!! =(

Sunday, April 22, 2007

new kicks...

After months and months of procrastinating, I finally got myself some new kicks. Been eyeing a particular shoe but sadly its sold out. Sigh. Oh well, serves me right for delaying the purchase. Anyhoo managed to find another shoe that tickled my fancy.

Check em' out. What do you think? Nice eh'. ;)

2 more fishies...

Just added 2 more Cherry Barbs into my tank. Now I have 5 of em' swimming about. The latest additions are rather young, almost half the size of the current ones. So far they ain't getting bullied and have gotten along just nicely. They are already swimming together. =)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

1 officially gone...

Ahh after researching online, bitching to $1 and observing my tank, looks likes the skeletal remains wasn't signs of a dead shrimp. They were just molting. Found more skeletal remains after that and the shrimps still running about happily. Phew. Molting supposedly is a good sign as the shrimps are healthy enuff to grow bigger.

Sadly though, woke up this morning to a cooked shrimp. A definate sign of a dead shrimp. Sigh. So now am left with 3 Cherry shrimps and 1 Tiger shrimps. =(

On a positive note, the fishies seem to be alive and happy. Got 1 who is pretty shy and hides all the time while the other 2 are hyperactive. Chasing one another and zooming about in the tank. Won't be adding any more fishies or shrimps for another couple of weeks at least. Want the tank to mature and ensure this lot survives.

Ok dokie. Back to work...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

1 down, 4 more to go...

Sigh. Just found skeletal remains of one of my shrimps. Checked around the tank and found the 4 others alive. All seem to be hiding. Think my fishies are bullying them at night when they stay low on the ground. Poor shrimps. Guess won't be getting any new ones cos after doing more research realise its not wise to mix fishes and shrimps. Even the most friendly fish will nip at the shrimps and stress them out. Which in turn kills em'. Sigh.

Oh well. At least I got to enjoy them for a bit. Although sad they have to die this way. =(

Monday, April 16, 2007

hide n seek...

Hmmm looks like my shrimps have gone missing. Woke up this morning and found 2 Cherry shrimps and 1 Tiger shrimp MIA. I hope my fishies didn't have em' for breakfast. Pray their just hiding in the pirate ship. Sad if they were gone so fast. =(

Sunday, April 15, 2007

devils run riot...

Another round of walloping. Four goals past Watford earlier today guaranteeing a finals showdown at Wembley with either Chelsea or Blackburn (who will be playing tommorrow). Watford played a good game but unfortunately the Devils kept hitting the target. Even Kieran Richardson manage to sneak in a nice goal towards the end.

Keep this up lads and we'll win the treble!! =)

Sadly the injury list just gets longer. Now Rio has a groin injury and O' Shea is out as well. Sigh. Hope Neville gets back as scheduled or we will be having one hellave tough end to the season.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

FA cup semis...

Ahh its yet another important game for the Red Devils. Tonight is the FA Cup semi final game between Watford and Manchester United. Rumours are that the Devils are gonna field a weaker team but I really hope we put some effort in and get this game in the bag. Hoping this year we will be able to repeat the treble of 1999. Will definately be watching the game on telly.

Glory Glory Man United!!

tank updates...

After a few days of having the tank set up, I decided to alter the layout as it was rather plain. With the help of my primary skool mate (and colleague) $1, I got some extra gravel and lava rocks. So I made up a few more Java moss patches and sloped the gravel a bit better. Am satisfied with the outcome. What do you think?

Then this afternoon spent the time roaming around Klang Valley checking out some fish shops. Finally after a handful of hours ended up with a new net, fish food, PH tester and new inhabitants for my tank. Couldn't take the 3 to 4 week time period to cycle the tank, so decided to get some tank mates to speed the process up. Got myself some hardy fishies and shrimps. Now my tank has 3 Cherry Barbs, 2 Tiger Shrimps and 3 Cherry Shrimps. Not sure if you can spot em' in the photos below.

At least now the tank looks and feels like a fish tank. Lol. Previously was rather plain with the lonely plants. Happy to see my fishies and shrimps roaming about getting used to their new home. Hope they survive the tank cycling process. Should be ok since they are the hardier variety. Am planning to get more fishies once the cycle is done. =)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

red devils are back!

Woo Hoo. What a cracker of a game! Seven wonderful goals from Manchester United and 5 of em' within 50 minutes. Real impressive effort especially with almost 50% fringe players. Carrick and Fletcher really surprised me this time around. Hope they will keep this tempo up. Lots of important games coming up. Watford this weekend and Chelsea in May. Not forgetting Champions League semis and FA Cup final.

Am happy I stayed up to watch this game. Been a long while since I've seen such an entertaining match. Damn. MU is back bitches!! =)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

my fishy tank...

Ahh finally got it set up. Spent the better half of the day washing the gravel, cleaning the tank, setting the light and filter and filling it up with water. Phew. Very happy with the outcome. Sadly can't put any fishies in yet. Gotta cycle the tank for handful of weeks first.

So for now just enjoy the sunken pirate ship and plants. =)

the tank...

the sunken pirate ship...

java fern and java moss...

my cheapo diy hoodtop...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

scarred baby...:(

Here are pics of the scracthes. Sigh. Poor baby.

someone scratched my baby!!!

Arrgghh. Fucking arsehole!! Someone scratched my car last night in the office. Can you believe it? In the freaking office!! Damn bastard. If you have a problem with me, come see me, don't attack my car bitch.

Sigh. My poor baby. Deep gash on the rear passenger door and the boot. Will post up pics later if I have the mood. Am too sad. Why my car? Why? Sigh.

Update: Looks like I might have the 411 on who did it. Fucking bastard. Hope your car gets into an accident. See how it makes u feel. Watch out bitch!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

pangkor pics!

Finally got off my lazy butt and downloaded the Pangkor pictures. Enjoy! =)

picture of my resort...roti anyone?!view from my room...sunshine...beautiful and my smug self...view of the private beach...

why Scholsey?!

Sad day for the Red Devils. Why Scholsey? Why did you make that tackle? Sigh. You've been performing all season, the best after Ronaldo. Why choose this game? Arrgghh. Thank god for Rooney's goal. At least we have 1 away goal and have a chance to rough it out at Old Trafford. Hope the defence will buck up by then. Lotsa silly mistakes. Sad to lose Vidic at such a crucial stage of the season.

Am still confident though we'll reach the Semis. Just sad that we lost to Roma. A draw would have been great. Arrgghhh.

Monday, April 02, 2007

back to work...

Sigh. Just ended my 5 day break. Back to the daily grind. Had a fabulous 5 days though. Pictures to come when I download em' from my camera. Had some slight sunburn, saw a beautiful sunset, rode a scooter and pigged out. What more could I ask for. Hehe. More details later.

Back to work. =(