Friday, July 27, 2007

time for an upgrade...

Ahh finally after months of looking for a buyer I've sold my digicam. It served me well for 1 and half years but with all the new beauties out there I can't help but upgrade. My Nikon Coolpix 4600 was a good camera but the small display was a pain when deciding if the pictures were taken properly. Most of the time I would head home and find out they were blurry or misaligned. Very depressing especially coming back from overseas trips. Can't help it I guess when the screen is only 1.8". Then again when I bought it that was considered pretty good already.

The digicam technology just bloomed soon after. Now there are myriads of designs out there to suit all sorts of usage. Even a Digital SLR isn't all that pricy compared to before. Have been poisoned by many to step into the Digital SLR world but don't feel like putting down that much dough is worth it. Especially when I know my real purpose of owning a digicam. I do love photography but not to the extent of lugging my camera daily and taking shots of everything. I only bring it when I really need it like trips and parties. Even then I tend to rely on my mates to bring theirs and share the pics taken. LOL.

Now its time to research for a new camera. Got a few in mind. Just got to figure out how much am I willing to fork out. Hmmm now lets see whats on dcresource. =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a new start...

Just 2 weeks since my tank was infected with Ich, I am left with only 1 Cherry Barb and 1 Oto. Thankfully all my shrimps survived. Looks like I have to start fresh. Think my next batch of inhabitants are gonna be mostly shrimps with a school (of 5 to 8) of the same fish. No more small fishies for me cos they are rather sensitive and die off easily with the slightest infection or environmental change. Although they do look so good schooling together. =(

At this moment am thinking of getting some Gold Tetras and maybe a mini pipefish/armoured stickleback (just for the kicks of it). Have recently got myself new lighting with more wattage (2x more than before). Suppose to help with the growth of the ferns and mosses. On top of that I also got myself a mini fan to cool down the water's temp. Which in turn will hopefully make my shrimps breed. No pictures for now but will put em' up when I do take some.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

damn flu...

Arrgghh. Hate it when I catch a cold. Damn bug has been going round and round and finally hit me. Now from a flu its turning into a fever. Think the daily drizzle plus all the durian didn't help either. Sigh. Gonna lay low for a bit till it goes away. =(

Monday, July 23, 2007

sour grapes...

Am sure most of you are aware of the Harry Potter 7 saga between the hypermarkets (Carrefour and Tesco) and 4 local bookstore chains (MPH, Popular, Times and Harris). The bookstores were upset that the hypermarkets are selling the book way below retail price (RM69.90 compared to RM109.90) and they retaliated by boycotting the sale of the book from the opening day itself. Tonnes of people were pissed when they started lining up since wee hours of the morning only to go back empty handed. The 'silent protest' ended today with the 4 bookstores deciding to finally sell the book. Best part at a discounted rate.

What is your take on this whole fiasco? In my opinion the bookstores are a bunch of sour grapes. Boo hoo, did the big bad wolf take away ya cookies?? At least they are willing to sell for a loss (eventhough they benefit from it) and give the oppurtunity to those less fortunate to get hold of the book. Aren't we suppose to PROMOTE reading in Malaysia?! Its already a damn shame that books and magazines cost a bomb. Haven't you heard of fair game? If someone can provide something cheaper, isn't it their choice as well as the consumers benefit. Plus so what someone else sells it cheaper, their stock will definately run out and then people will come to you. Borders didn't bitch and whine and within a day or so were sold out!

At the end of the day the bookstores should know that buying books in Malaysia is down to a selective market. Due to the high cost only those with high income or genuine interest would actually put down their money for a decent read. Others who can't afford or have other financial priorities will most probably rent or borrow it. With this in mind, book aficionados will definately head to the nearest bookstore and get their supply instead of a freaking hypermarket. This is due to the ambiance, the choice of books plus the loyalty they have towards a particular bookstore. Your so called niche market is always going to be there. The boycott will only make your loyal customers to steer clear of your bookstore and patronise someone else like Borders or Kinokuniya. Furthermore what the hypermarkets are doing will create more book lovers who in turn will have to go to your bookstore to get more books!

Stop being a cry baby and accept that the market will definately change as time passes. In business there will always be competition. Someone is always around to try and provide something cheaper (although doesn't necessarily mean better) in the hopes of grabbing the market. You can't expect the government to put a leash on everything. They have to think about consumers who are the majority. Instead of wasting time bitchin' should have at least come up with a marketing strategy. Like offering free caps, pens, poster or movie ticket. One can even tie in with some other product that is trying to jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon. Like say pick up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today and get a Kit Kat free! Wouldn't that make you wanna get the book? ;)

Monday, July 16, 2007

cleaned out...

Sigh. After a handful of days since the Ich outbreak, my tank has been cleaned out. Only 2 Cherry Barbs and the lone Oto left. Thankfully my shrimps are alive and kicking. Am not planning to get any fishies for now. Let the tank stabilise and see if the rest survive. Gotta make sure the damn Ich is gone for good. =(

Sunday, July 15, 2007


A complete overhaul! That is what our national football team needs. More so after another thrashing last night. We have the facilities and the gear, but without heart and talent, all of that won't matter. Scrap the team and the management and start from scratch. Who cares if we can't compete internationally for a few years. Not like we are doing well anyways. We are dropping further and further down the FIFA World rankings (157th as of today!!). Sigh.

Miss the 70s and 80s when Malaysia was a team to be afraid off in East Asia. Used to be interested in local football then. Even had a flag and jersey. Now Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand have all gone past us. Even Sri Lanka!! Arrgghhh. I am sure there is talent in Malaysia just that there is too much political bullshit. Please please do a complete overhaul. Get Shebby in as coach and give him full control. Am sure he will be able to get a team together or whip this current team in shape.

What have you got to lose FAM? We are already down on the dumps! =(

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

sick fishies...

Arrgghh. My poor fishies have been infected with Ich or more commonly known as White Spot disease. Not really sure how they got it as it can happen due to many reasons plus its rather common. Sigh. My poor babies. Just rushed to the LFS this morning to get some medication. Gonna start treatment which will last about 12 plus days. Really hope they survive this and not slip away one by one. =(

Poor tank is all blue now from the meds. Guess I gotta put on hold my plan to add more fishies. No wonder they were rather down last couple of days. Avoiding food and staying above the tank. All symptoms of Ich. Oh well its something all aquaria hobbyist gotta go through. At least now I have the medication on standby. Hehe.

Wish me luck folks. Got about 13 fishies in there although only spotted 4 of em' infected.

Update (12/7/07 @ 1.08am)

Found 2 Mosquito Rasboras dead. Rest seem to be getting better. Lets hope. =(

Update (13/7/07 @ 1.30am)

Found 1 Cherry Barb dead. Sigh. Hope more don't go towards the light. =(

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Who is Kate? Well this is loooong overdue. My baby is already 2 years old and I have yet to name her. Time seem to have just flown by. Anyways she finally has a name and its Kate. Now all of the names I picked for my cars have relation to something, be it comics (Betty) or after my dog (Max). This time around its after a character from the TV series Lost.

Just like in the series my baby is sexy, strong, agile and independent. Hehe. This time around its going to be a long term investment. Don't think with the current changes in our automotive policy that I can afford to sell or trade her in the future. So far I've gotten her nice shoes, leathered her up, put in a sweet sound system and gave her a nice growl.

Next up would be some new brake discs, fully adjustable suspension and a nice wax job. Am gonna take real good care of Kate. Then again I always did take care of my cars even if I only had it for a few months. Still my one and only prized asset. =)

Monday, July 09, 2007


Would like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate Mr. Devanandan Palmer Batumalai and Miss Tharsani Krishnasamy on their recent engagement on 07/07/07. It was a nice homely ceremony and am glad to be included. Will blog more about the trip and post pics later in the week.

Now am just waiting for the big day. Hehe. May I suggest 08/08/08. ;)

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Many are regarding this as a special day and are planning all sorta things to do. I don't really have anything planned except for attending Devan's engagement down in Malacca. So I thought why not just post something to mark the day. Hehe.

Have a great weekend all. Toodles!

Friday, July 06, 2007

road trip...

Been awhile but another road trip to Malacca this weekend. As you all are aware tommorrow is 7/7/07. A unique date that many are calling auspicious and have planned various things around it. From dinner dates to parties to getting hitched.

A whole bunch of us is heading down to Malacca for Devan's engagement to Tasha. Usually engagements aren't that big a deal (at least that is what I think) but Devan has planned a big do. Hmmm or maybe Tasha and their parents are the ones who is making it a big event. Hehe. Think the guest list is about 100 plus and still growing! Devan said about 20 odd are family and the rest are friends (from near and far) from both sides.

Will blog about it more once am back. Hopefully with pictures as well. Cheers folks...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

tank updates...

Sad news. Got back from work around 1am and found 2 fishies dead (1 Cherry Barb and 1 Mosquito Rasbora). Think my water temp is pretty high especially with the current heat wave and its affecting the fishies. Hope more won't suffer. Gotta go out and get a fan to at least lower the temp a bit. Notice it gets hotter when my tank light is on.

My plants seem to have stabilised. At least they aren't turning brown. Hope they keep it up. Think I'll improve the lighting and cooling first before I get more fishies. My new filter has run in now so I can dump my older filter. Tried flogging it off the Malaysian Aquascaping Club forum but no one seems interested.

Alrighty think I'll hit the sack now. Been rather tired last few days. Gd' nite folks!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

review: transformers...

Finally after almost 2 years of waiting its out. Its been released for just barely a week now and everyone is talking about it. From the Ramli Burger guy down the street to my managers in 3rd floor to lil' kids in primary school who hasn't even seen the original cartoon in the 80s. I know some who have seen it multiple times and are still planning to go see it summore. Tickets have been booked for weeks in advance. Think most shows except for the early ones are packed.

Most people my generation will definately feel at home with this movie. We practically grew up with it. When I heard Speilberg and Michael Bay are teaming up to make a live action version of Transformers, I was ecstatic. I remember checking their website every now and then for updates and keep seeing the release date being pushed back. Thought it would never come true. Boy am I glad I was wrong!

Ok enuff of rambling, lets get to the movie. This movie is simply the BOMB! It definately lives up to all the hype it has raised. Amazing effects, great acting, stellar sound and well put storyline. Yes people were bitching that the human side of things were too long but I guess a 100% robot movie wouldn't really work. I would love to see it but when it comes to selling to the masses it would fizzle out plus cost a pretty penny. Am amazed at how they managed to replicate the robots transforming, the sound effects, the fight scenes and the mingling with humankind. Just the transforming and sound itself is worth going for another watch. The only thing that disappointed me was their decision to make Bumblebee into a stupid Camaro. Guess they did that to appeal to the damn yanks. From the looks of it theres a hint of a sequel at the end of the movie. Am sure most would agree that a sequel is a big welcome.

All and all I would definately recommend this movie to everyone. It is by far the best movie I've seen all year. Am not saying its Oscar worthy (except maybe for the sound and visual side of things), but as an all rounder its TOPS! If you haven't seen it you better hit the cinemas before its too late. This is definately one movie you wouldn't want to stinge on a pirated DVD. Cinemas were made for these, especially THX certified ones! Hmmm think I'll head down myself for another viewing.

Autobots, transform and roll out!

robots in disguise...



Tuesday, July 03, 2007

another year older...


Yes you guessed it! I turned 28 about 2 hours ago. Time surely flies. It seemed like only yesterday I was in Bar Savannah getting drunk during the World Cup quarterfinals game between England and Portugal. This time around its gonna be a sober celebration. Just gonna hang out with Sunshine, have a good dinner and hopefully catch the late night showing of Transformers.

As usual when it comes near my birthday I usually just wish it would pass by as quickly as possible. Not sure why but never really fancied celebrating my birthday although almost always I have done something or rather. Hehe. Guess even though I don't look forward to it, I also don't wanna sit around doing nothing. Theres always the option of treating myself to something. =)

Okay time for the wishes, hopes and dreams. Generally its always the same. Career advancement, adding more assets to my name, bla bla bla. Lemme try to wish for something more attainable. Hopefully this year I'll get my hands on a new digital camera. Plus I hope to get a whole load of stuff for my baby. New rims, bodykit, fully adjustable suspension and if all goes well, might even turbocharge it. Hope to also travel overseas with Sunshine although don't really have anywhere in mind for now. Maybe somewhere nearby like Bali, Indonesia or Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Guess thats all folks. Cheers...

Happy 28th Birthday to ME!!! =)