Friday, November 30, 2007

jaz beer...

Tried a new beer today, Jaz Beer. It cost RM9.50 for a large bottle which is RM2 to RM5 cheaper than Skol, Tiger or Carlsberg. Mind you this is coffee shop price and not from 7/11 or some hypermarket.

We were curious where this brew came from as to my knowledge there were only 2 breweries in Malaysia, Carlsberg and Guinness Anchor. According to their label its from an outfit out of Port Klang, Selangor called Napex Corporation. Just did some research and found out theres some slight hoo haa over this new beer.

Not sure if you can notice but its lighter in color. Tastewise rather weak. Wouldn't really order this again. Would rather spend slightly more and get something 'tastier' so to speak. Advise you guys to avoid this actually unless of course you were strapped for cash. Then by all means. LOL.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

indian apam at bangsar, kl...

Today for lunch Sunshine and I decided to have something light, so we settled on some Indian appams at Om Shakti Chelo's Appam Stall @ Bangsar, KL. They have been around for quite some time and used to run their stall in front of Strudels, Lucky Garden, Bangsar. Now they are located directly behind TMC.

They offer quite an extensive array of Indian goodies like tosai (5 types), idli, chapati and kuihs (curry puff, vadai, kesari, pulut inti, stuffed taufoo & kuih gulung) but are more famous for their appams. There are 3 types you can choose from which are plain, sweet & brown sugar. Do note that everything on offer is vegetarian.

As an appetizer we had some curry puffs (RM0.40) and vadais (RM0.40). Always loved their curry puffs which are full of spicy potato filling. Sunshine tried the taufoo stuffed with bean sprouts and cucumber (RM0.50) and commented that its yummy as their taufoo and stuffing were fresh. Their vadai isn't bad as well but rather oily.

After whalloping the kuihs we settled on 1 brown sugar (RM1.20) and 1 sweet (RM1) appam. Their appams are always of consistant quality and taste. The outsides are nice and crispy while the center is full of coconut gravy goodness. Its never too sweet and the center just about runny. Do note that their appam is not the South Indian type whereby you dip in a bowl of coconut milk but has the milk incorporated in the appam itself, which comes from Sri Lanka.

Om Shakti Chelo is only closed on Sundays and open for lunch and tea. Not sure about timing but I have been there mid morning (11ish) to late evening (6ish). So if you are ever in the mood for something light, do head over there and give it a try.

Friday, November 23, 2007

jackson's burger, section 14, pj...

Every Malaysian is familiar with Ramly Burger. When you have a craving at night, who do you go to other than your nearest Ramly stall (usually located in front of a 7/11). My all time favourite Ramly stall is none other than the one located at SS2, opposite the police station. Sadly they only open at night.

Now where do I go if I have a craving in the day? Well its none other than Jackson's Burger at Section 14, PJ (#148, Jalan 14/29 to be exact). This stall is run by a Chinese couple who have been a PJian's secret for years. If I am not mistaken since 1972 or so. Way before I was born and still going strong. Their customers are mostly regulars who have been going there since they were young and are now bringing their kids!

I still remember my dad taking my bro and I here every Sunday to get our burger fix. They actually used to rent the house where they are located and sell from a stall by the gate, but have since moved out. They now run the business from a van at the same spot (between 2 houses) under a tall bushy tree. Provides great cover from the hot sun. ;)

Previously Uncle would do the cooking and Aunty would pack but they have since switched roles as I think Uncle can't remember the orders as well. Every now and then you'll see Uncle and Aunty bickering over the orders. Hehe. Doesn't really matter as the style and taste hasn't changed.

My favourites are their Beef Burger (RM2.70) and Hot Dog (RM1.90) especially with lotsa mustard! They also have Fish Burger (RM2.80) which is really good. Its not minced/ground fish but actual chunks. Much better than what you get at Burger King, McD or KFC. Their burgers are all served between 2 toasted buns with freshly cut onions & cucumber and topped with your choice of chili, tomato or mustard sauce. Simple I know yet so freaking good! Do note that their patties are not from Ramly. Not really sure sourced from where though.

Their process is simple. Park your car, order and wait for your food. You can either eat there or tah pao (take-away). They provide plastic chairs and also sell can drinks to wash down your burger. I usually pack but occasional on a sunny breezy day would sit there and enjoy my burger watching the cars zoom by.

Jackson's Burger is open daily from 11am to around 5pm. Being in the business for ages they do close every now and then when its raining (or threatening to) or if they were feeling under the weather. If you ever have a day time craving for burger, do give them a try as you won't regret it. :D

Thursday, November 22, 2007

carnaval churrascaria, damansara jaya, pj...

Ever felt like wolfing down generous portions of meat? How about 12 choices of meat and all you can eat for a single fee? If you answered yes for all then I think I have just the place for you. Its Carnaval Churrascaria located at Damansara Jaya, PJ (near Atria Shopping Center & next to Maybank).

They are only open at night daily from 6pm to 10.30pm but the owner did mention that they are hoping to tap the lunch crowd soon. David, $1, Razman and I was there on Sunday ready to fill our tummies. When you sit down they present you with 2 bowls of sauce (mint & salsa) and order ya drinks. Then before the meat comes you head over to the buffet bar.

Above is a few yummies from the buffet bar. They have a huge selection (18 odd) of hot and cold goodies. Stuff that I can recall are fried brinjals (my fav!), beef stew, potato salad (another fav), lady fingers w/ sambal belacan, pasta, coleslaw, mango kerabu, salads, mash potato and noodles. All of em' were fresh and tasty but do remember to go slow as you don't want to miss out on the meats!

Once you are done with your first round at the buffet bar, the passadors (waiters) will come by periodically with the goodies on skewers. Just tell em' how much you want and they'll slice away. There will always be 12 varieties of barbequed meats. Below is what we were offered that night. Sadly no lamb chops, which were my favourite the first time I ate here. :(
  1. Honey Chicken Ham
  2. Smoked Chicken Cuts
  3. Chicken Sausage
  4. Garlic Sour Cream Bread
  5. Roasted Pineapple
  6. Grilled Fish Fillets
  7. Chicken Gizzard & Heart
  8. Grilled Prawns
  9. Lamb Shoulder
  10. Lamb Cutlets w/ Mint
  11. Beef Topside
  12. Roast Beef
  13. Beef Tri Tip
  14. Garlic Beef
All of them were cooked fresh and simply orgasmic! The beef varieties were served from medium rare to well done. So no one is left out. You should give all the types a once over and then focus on ya favs. At least then you get the full experience. ;)

My favourites (in no particular order) were the chicken ham (especially eaten w/ the warm roasted pineapple), the lamb cutlets (tender & juicy), grilled fish (marinated w/ coconut curry), beep topside (medium well) and the garlic sour cream bread (sinfully delicious!).

The meal cost RM48 for the whole deal and RM30 just for the buffet bar. Drinks are rather pricy (RM5 onwards) but plain water is RM1 (refillable). They do have interesting promotions as well (listed below).
  • Monday – Party night, 5 adults & the 6th gets the meal free
  • Tuesday – Bring Your Own (BYO) Nite, no corkage fee
  • Wednesday – Ladies Night, 15% off for ladies only
  • Sunday – Family Day, 15% off for everyone!
Those who love meat should really give Carnaval Churrascaria a try. Think its worth every penny. Be ready to really chow down though! :D

Monday, November 19, 2007 donuts & coffee, the pavilion, kl...

Finally I got my hands on some J.Co donuts this afternoon. Headed over to The Pavilion, KL to visit the IWC boutique and decided to try my luck. Surprisingly the queue was shorter so I decided what the heck. Took me around 15 minutes before I could get my order in.

Price wise they seem slightly more than Big Apple's. RM2.30 per donut (except RM2 for Glazzy), RM11.10 for half a dozen and RM19.10 for 1 dozen. They have an offer for 2 dozen but I can't seem to recall the price. Think you save around 30% or so.

J.Co has 2 types of donuts. The one we are used to (thanks to Big Apple) and a slightly chewier variety called JCrown. Prefered it less chewy so decided to stick with the regular ones. Got myself a dozen sinful donuts. Half of which is actually for my brother. ;)

Sadly today they didn't have much to offer. Think they only had 50% of their menu on sale. Got myself 2 each of Oreology, Heaven Berry, Alcapone and Coco Loco and 1 each of Mango, Copa Banana, Why Nut? and Tira Miss U.

Haven't tried all of it yet but I have to say their similar with Big Apple's donuts. Texture is slightly softer and not as sweet but honestly not worth driving all the way to KL and lining up to get some. Not to mention the slightly steeper price. Think for me it'll be a one off thing. Unless of course someone gets me some. Can't say no to that right?! :D

Sunday, November 18, 2007

teo chew bah kut teh at ss2, pj...

On Thursday I was craving for some Bah Kut Teh (BKT). Sadly we only get 1 hour for dinner so going to PJ Old Town for Ming Kee's was out. Hiew and I decided to go to SS2 and hunt for it as we recalled passing a place selling BKT. Finally after driving almost full circle we found it, Restoran Teo Chew Bah Kut Teh. Its located further down from Restoran Lorong Seratus Tahun.

The shop is open, clean and comfortable with nice wooden tables and chairs. Moments after sitting down we were given the menu. Think they were about to close as well as it was around 9.30pm. Their menu consists of BKT to porridge to noodles. For the BKT itself you have a choice of what goes in like spare parts (liver, intestine, etc), ribs, fatty or lean meat, varieties of mushrooms and fu chok (bean curd skin).

We settled on Lettuce with Oyster Sauce, Garlic/Onion Rice, Vinegar Pork and BKT w/ fatty meat, black mushroom and fu chok. Think the bill came to around RM30 odd. Sorry didn't note it down. Sadly didn't fancy the BKT much. The soup was okay but tasted rather weak. The vinegar pork was another let down. First time for me but according to Hiew it wasn't done right. The rice and veggy however were really yummy. Veggy was cooked just about right and not overdosed with oyster sauce.

Sadly didn't really satisfy my BKT craving but I guess beggars can't be choosers. Next time I'll just head over to Ming Kee if I want BKT. :D

Thursday, November 15, 2007

cornetto mcflurry...

Besides my craving to try KFC's Half Half Meltz, I was also itching for Mickey D's new dessert offering, the Cornetto McFlurry. Have always loved Cornetto so I knew this combo can't go wrong and boy was I right!

Got my hands on some 'oh so creamy' Strawberry Cornetto McFlurry (RM4.73).

Look at the yummy contents (below). Its Mickey D's vanilla ice cream mixed with strawberry sauce, crushed Cornetto cones and chocolate chips. How can this ever go wrong?!

Very creamy and rich in flavour. Good to the last spoonful. The sweet crunchy cone bits and sinful chocolate chips work really well together. McDs should really make this a regular item. Their best dessert offering to date.

If you haven't tried it yet, better head down to your nearest McD today. Remember they never close. :D

broom award...

Am sure most of you are aware of the current debate on the 'broom award' given by our MB, Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo to Hulu Selangor District Council and Hulu Selangor District and Land Office for failing to meet the minimum performance requirements of 2006. Ever since they were given out during the Selangor Excellence Awards ,our MB has drawn flak from all corners. Even CUEPACS has jumped into the fray.

Whats your take on it? I think its a great move by our MB. At least someone is taking action for poor performance from our government servants. People are saying that he should have been more discreet by giving out a low rating or reminder letters. Now how freaking long do you expect that to go on? Damn fools would just sweep it under the carpet. Come to think of it, now they have a broom to do just that! LOL.

At least now they know that our MB means business. Kudos Dr. Khir and keep it up. Shame all those that couldn't give two shits about their job. All of us gotta perform at our jobs, why not them too. Enuff of coffee breaks and goreng pisang sessions. If only other states and departments follow suit. Least then our public services will improve. No more 'tidak apa' attitude. We have had enough mishaps (Tioman ferry tradegy) and problems (crime) from non-performing government servants.

If we don't nip it in the butt now, we are just gonna fall deeper and deeper down the hole. Hopefully this would start a change of attitude but I have a bad feeling its one of those things that will eventually go with the wind. Sigh.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

kfc half half meltz...

Every since KFC launched their Half Half Meltz not too long ago, I have been itching to try it. I finally got my hands on it today during dinner with Hiew but what a big disappointment. Not really sure if it was expected from KFC but damn what a waste of money. Please do not waste ya money on this crap. Stick with the fried chicken. Seems to be the only thing KFC does right!

Thankfully I also had a side of Cheezy Wedges which saved the day. :D

Monday, November 12, 2007

bavarian bierhaus...

Been meaning to post this all last week but had too many distractions. The previous Saturday I headed out to bum with my buddy David. We were deliberating where to have lunch when I recalled a yummy review of Bavarian Bierhaus @ the Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Its located few steps away from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee and behind TGIF.

Bavarian Bierhaus is located at the quieter part of the Curve. They have a nice open and relaxed layout. Ideal for group gatherings or family meals. Or even just to have some cool drinks on a warm muggy day.

To be honest one of the main draws to this place was to have some cold German beer. This particular restaurant was carrying brews by Paulaner from Munich, Germany. We went through the list and decided on the Hefe-Weissbier NaturtrĂ¼b which is their top seller and brewed from wheat instead of malt. This gives it a lighter and less bitter taste plus very much healthier! A nice cold 500ml glass (RM28) came within minutes of ordering. It was really refreshing and had a nice fruity and tangy taste to it. Oooh what I wouldn't do for one right now. :D

When we sat down we knew we were gonna have some pork. David immediately settled on the Pork Belly (RM38). It came looking really yummy. I had a lil' taste and it was nice and tender. I wouldn't really go for it due to the overdose of fat but David was enjoying it immensely. He did say however that he wouldn't pay so much.

I had my tummy set on some sausages. Didn't really know what variety to try so decided on the Chorizo (RM32) which was served on top of some polenta and creamed spinach. An added bonus were some slices of grilled bacon on top which was so heavenly! The sausages were really thick and flavourful. *Droools* The polenta was so so but really loved the creamed spinach which was rich.

Overall I would give this place 2 thumbs up! Lovely beer and yummy porky goodness. The price however might be a turn down but I would definately give this place another go. If not for the pork at least for some nice cool German beer. :D

Sunday, November 11, 2007

oops i did it again...

Last week my dad bought my mom a new Sharp 32 inch LCD TV for Deepavali. Due to this the TV I gave her is now in storage. I on the other hand have been itching to buy a video game console to pass my time. Been spending the better part of my days researching on all the available consoles out there. From Nintendo's Wii to Microsoft's Xbox 360 to Sony's Playstation 3 (PS3).

The drawback from all the new generation consoles above was the exorbitant pricing (console and games) as well as current hardware issues. Since I knew I was looking for something more casual, I decided to get a Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) which by the way has dropped in price. Plus not to mention the shit load of Jack Sparrow games out there.

Earlier today I headed over to Gamers Solution @ City Bazaar, KL and got myself a Sony PS2 Slim package. Total damage was RM630. Below is what I got in that package.

The package consists of the modified Sony PS2 Slim console, 1 original controller, 1 fake controller, 1 original 8mb Memory Card, a USB fan, a stand & 12 games. Due to the nature of the games I decided not to take any pictures of them. Can't wait to set it all up and start playing!

By the way do you know this would be my 3rd PS2 to date. First was in October 2000 when I lined up for the official launch at Walmart in Missouri, US. Sadly they only had 30 odd units and I was like 50th in line. I did however manage to get it few days later by buying a PS2 package (console, additional controller, memory card & 2 games) through KB Toys. I sold it off in March 2003 when I was returning home for good.

I soon got itchy and bought a set at Sungei Wang Plaza, KL in September 2003. That set came with the console, 2 controllers, a memory card & 15 games. Sadly I was cheated as both controllers were fake even though promised original ones. I amounted about 40 odd games but never really found time to play em'. I soon sold that off to a colleague in January 2004 before the price of the console dropped.

Now I have done it again and bought another set. I hope this time I use it enuff to justify the purchase. My old man is already saying that I am just throwing money away. :(

Saturday, November 10, 2007

tank updates...

Been awhile since I updated you guys on my fish tank. Haven't added/changed anything yet. Am thinking of removing the pirate ship and placing a driftwood in the middle. Then tie up some moss around the the driftwood so that my shrimps will have a place to scavenge for food or hide.

This would definately make the tank more natural plus fill up the top part of the tank. With the wood I also hope to change the flow of water from the HOB filter. Help make it a lil' calmer for the tank mates.

Below are some pics taken earlier with my Sony K800i phone. :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

a step closer...

I didn't catch the game this morning. Wasn't in the mood. However immediately after waking up I headed over to Soccernet to check on the scores. Damn we got Dynamo Kyiv by 4 goals to nothing! Best part of course is that we are through to the knockout stage with 2 games to spare.

Am very happy with the outcome. Good to hear Pique scoring the first goal. Good to hear that Nani and Simpson started. Now with 2 games in hand am sure Fergie will give the youngsters a chance. Very valuable exposure which definately will come in handy as the season progresses and pressure mounts.

On top of the great win Fergie is also celebrating his 21st anniversary at the club. Congrats Fergie and you are truly a great manager. With all the crap thrown at you throughout these years, you've always came back showing whos boss! Hopefully many more years to come from you. :D

Glory glory Man United!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

happy deepavali...

Wishing all of you a Happy Deepavali!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

hollys coffee at cineleisure damansara...

I wasn't in a good mood on Saturday so I decided to get out of the house. Called my buddy David to while away the time and thankfully he was game. We decided to meet up at the Curve for lunch and loiter about.

After lunch at Bavarian Bierhaus (post coming soon), we decided to find a cafe to sit back and relax. We were rather bored of Starbucks and Coffee Bean so we decided to try Hollys Coffee located at the ground floor of Cineleisure Damansara. By the way Hollys Coffee is a chain from Korea which I found really interesting. ;)

Their location is really ideal for chilling out. Nice outdoor seating facing the houses of Mutiara Damansara away from the main crowd and cars. They have free Wifi access and also 2 laptops connected online for customers to use. Something Starbucks, Dome or Coffee Bean doesn't offer.

Their menu is similar to any other coffee joints around town with some slight twists like the raspberry mocha, sweet potato latte and Korean iyote smoothies. They also offer sandwiches, cakes and a few Korean dishes. When we were there they had 2 korean guys manning the counter who struggled slightly to converse in English.

I decided on trying their Rhumba Hollycino (largest @ RM11.50) which was an ice blended mocha and chocolate bar. Rich and tasty with nice chocolatey bits in it. Topped of course with a nice dollop of yummy whipped cream.

David had the Mocha Hollycino (largest @ RM11.50) instead which was just as rich but without the yummy chocolatey bits.

Have to admit that Hollys Coffee is a better joint than Dome, Starbucks or Coffee Bean, which can get so crowded and annoying. On top of the relaxing ambiance and good quality, their items are also priced lower which is always a good thing! :D

Sunday, November 04, 2007

big apple donuts & coffee at the Curve...

Don't think I have to say much about Big Apple Donuts & Coffee @ the Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Since they have opened shop, many have raved about it. Especially when its almost close to the 'oh so sinfully yummy' Krispy Kremes, which sadly haven't come to our shores.

I first tasted it about 3.5 months back or so when my bro brought some home. The only thing stopping me from eating it more is its located in a mall and you gotta line up to get ya fix. The queue is generally up to what time you get there. At noon it was rather quiet but when I headed back around 3pm it was about 15 ppl long. No chance of just popping over by the side of the road or even a drive in like Dunkin' Donuts.

The concept is pretty simple. Line up and wait for ya turn. Select ya donuts and pay at the end of the line. Keeps things nice and organised. On top of that while waiting in line you get to decide on what type since theres about 20 odd to choose from. One donut is RM2, 1/2 dozen is RM9.50 and 1 dozen is RM17. Think they are priced slightly cheaper than Dunkin' Donuts.

Since its only my dad and I at home who eats this, I decided on 1/2 dozen donuts. I ended up with the American Almond, Walnut, Tango Mango, Choreo, Witnut (peanut butter filled) and Banana Rama. Think I have tasted all varieties except for Duren Duren and Spicy Floss.

Tastewise I gotta rate this much better than Dunkin' Donuts. Nice soft texture, rich in flavour and not overly sweet. Always felt Dunkin' Donuts to be rather dry and certain flavours coyingly sweet. They also store better in the sense you can eat it days after purchase as long as you keep em' refrigerated. Never did like day old Dunkin' Donuts.

I wouldn't say they are on par with Krispy Kreme, but at least they are close. Definately my place for donut fixes. There has been this rumour that Big Apple actually imitates another chain famous in Indonesia called J.Co Donuts & Coffee, which has actually opened their first branch in The Pavilion, KL. Interestingly enough their concept, logo, box and variety are almost identical. ;)

I might just head down there one day and compare em'. Heard their donuts tastes better than Big Apple's. Sadly also heard the queue is looong. Arrggh. Hate lining up for my food. :(

we drew...

Did you guys catch the game last night? I headed down with some mates to Souled Out, Sri Hartamas, KL. Damn the place was packed. Thankfully managed to get a table facing the projectors just before kickoff.

I wouldn't say it was one of Man United's best games but was sad we lost out to a last minute goal. Guess the stress of the match had both teams playing it safe. Didn't see as much action as expected. Wished Ferguson would have brought out Nani instead of Carrick but guess he didn't want to take the chance. Better to draw in such a match then lose it. Being it an away match and all.

Oh well. I had fun watching the game and guzzling down my cool pints of Guiness Stout. See you for the rematch at Old Trafford Gunners and you better be packing some serious fire power.

Glory glory Man United!

Friday, November 02, 2007

cupcakes from d'lish, bangsar, kl...

I have been craving cupcakes for a very long time now. Not the crappy ones from most local or chain bakeries. Those are usually dry and tasteless. I want something soft, moist and bursting with flavour. I've heard of Bisou in Asian Heritage Row, Just Heavenly Pleasures in Bukit Damansara and of course the infamous Cuppacakes which sell individual pieces at The Aparment @ the Curve. Sadly I never got around to giving them a try.

Fairly recent I heard of d'lish located at Bangsar Village 1, KL which supposedly sold sumptious varieties of cupcakes. Since I was heading there to Toys R Us, I decided to pop over and give it a try.

oh whats this?
4 lil' boxes...
hmmm wonder whts in em'...

I ended up with 4 cupcakes (RM6.50 each). Clockwise they were Chocolate Raspberry Cheese, Vanilla w/Butter Frosting, Chocolate Banana w/ Peanut Butter Frosting and Sticky Date. I only managed to try 2 of em' during tea earlier. Both the Sticky Date and the Chocolate Banana were really rich and yummy! As expected it wasn't dry or airy but thick and moist. Very heavy stuff for tea time. Would be better eaten as a dessert or meal by itself. From the looks of it I'll definately enjoy the other 2 but most probably tommorrow. If I can hold up that long that is. Hehe.

I think I have found the perfect place to get my cupcake fix. :D