Friday, June 29, 2007

kfc's black pepper chicken chop...

I'm sure most of you have seen or heard of KFC's new Black Pepper Chicken Chop Combo. Ads are on newspapers, telly as well as radio. Previously they released the O.R Chicken Chop combo which was a hit. It came with mushroom gravy, side of large fries, coleslaw (with raisins in it) and a soda. I didn't try it then but this time around I thought why not since they were a success before. How unfortunately wrong! =(

Hiew and I headed down to KFC (along Jalan University) for dinner as we were fed up of thinking of what to eat. Both of us got there and ordered the KFC Black Pepper Chicken Chop combo and added on the 7UP Revive drink (for only 90 cents). The combo consist of the chicken chop (with a cup of the black pepper sauce) , a cup of creamy musroom soup, some crinkle cut fries, a scoop of coleslaw and a butter bun. All for only RM9.90. Sounds tempting doesn't it. We were excited as well till we started digging in.

The so called mushroom soup tasted like creamy flour. The fries were ok but cold/stale. Coleslaw and bun were the usual stuff from KFC so no complaints there. Now for the main course. The chicken chop itself was so so but the worse part is the black pepper sauce. I'm pretty sure my niece (who is 4 this year) can make a much better sauce. It was a powdery and runny mess. It did taste like pepper but for what we paid we might as well enjoy chicken chop at the roadside western stalls. Much better sauce and their meat are just as good. It was really disappointing. Should have just enjoyed their Original Snack Plate which is so much cheaper and rarely disappoints.

Oh well. Guess we wouldn't have known if we never tried it right. Would recommend you guys to give it a pass. Another flop after the Alaskan Fish Burger and the Fish N Chips. Alrighty enuff of ranting. Hehe. Time to enjoy my Milo Nuggets which I got at 7 Eleven. Toodles.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

shes turning 2...

Wow time surely flies. My baby is TWO years old today! Hehe. I know I know its a tad bit over dramatic but what the heck. This time around shes done quite a bit (already hitting 31000 kms) of travelling compared to Betty (who was like 18000 kms when she turned 2). Have been a lot of places with her and surpringly have not given her a name. I need to come up with something real soon cos its unfair considering I named all my previous cars very soon after owning them. Time just flew by I guess.

Am thinking of getting her some new rims. Need to offload my current ones first to generate the necessary moolah. Am also thinking of a bodykit but not sure how much am willing to plonk down. If I go cheap it wouldn't be rather fragile but to be strong its pretty pricy. Almost 2x the price. Might also consider adjustable suspensions. Sigh. I see a lot of money flying out the window soon. Then again I've managed to control my spending on this car. Haven't really done much.

Happy 2nd Birthday dear! Looking forward to many more adventures together. Lots of road trips lined up in the future am sure. =)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

tank updates...

Just got back from the LFS (local fish shop) with some new fishies for my tank. Also got myself some quality fish food and a new Eheim HOB (hang on back) filter. Got myself 12 Mosquito Rasboras and 1 Otocinclus Catfish (algae clean up crew). Sadly 2 of the rasboras died due to jumping out of the bowl when trying to acclimatize them. Didn't notice almost 2 hours later when I spotted a tiny fish on the bathroom floor. =(

The rasboras are so freaking small. Think I'll definately be needing more to fill up the tank. They are a sight to see especially when they are schooling. Very nice color on them. Am sure if they were bigger they would be pretty popular. Think next weekend I'll get 12 more. Their maximum growth is only 1 inch so nothing to worry about. Hmm maybe I'll get another variety which is much more expensive (up to 3x). Their known as Galaxy Rasbora and when first founded (in Myanmar) almost 10 months ago, cost almost RM20 a piece! Now with self breeding its dropped to about RM6.50. Their interest has also dropped among aquarium enthusiast as they were so over caught that their population dwindled drastically.

Alrighty time to hit the showers. Got my hair cut earlier today and need to wash up. Gd' night folks!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

crime alert...

Crime seem to be getting too rampant in our parts of the world. Johor is in one big mess till they had to reinforce the police presence (wonder how long that will last!). It was so bad there that gang rapes occurred every few hours. Its sad to hear this considering how our country has supposedly 'grown'. Fifty years of independance is coming up soon but when it comes to safety I think we were much safer those days. Now we can't even wash our cars on the front porch with the gates open. Can't even take a stroll through the park without worrying. And these are all during broad daylight so you can forget about nights. Sigh.

Yesterday my bro's car got broken into. Smash and grab. He was having his haircut (around 10am nearby Wisma FAM) and parked not too far from the barber. Someone smashed his rear window and grabbed a bag he had on his seat. It wasn't even a laptop bag, just a bag that looks similar. Yes it was his fault for leaving it in the open but still. Thankfully nothing valuable in the bag and they didn't take the other stuff in the car. Only loss was the the window repair which cost him RM180.

Previous Sunday one of my colleagues was almost a victim of a car jacking. Worst part was this happened not too far from a freakin' police station! He stopped for a red light just above the Brickfields police station (and Nagas Restaurant). One car came from behind and slammed into him. He drove slightly in front as he was in a Mitsubishi Storm and the car could have gone under his pickup bed. He then noticed a Kancil with 4 fellas by his side. They didn't move even though the light turned green. The people in the car that slammed into him didn't move as well. Suddenly out of nowhere 2 fellas came up to his truck and accused him of driving poorly and to come out and talk. One of the dudes put his hand in to turn the ignition off. My colleague punched him under the chin and drove off slowly in front. None of them gave chase. He then made a round and went to the police station. The officer in duty said he was lucky as it happens quite often. Colleague told him to go chase after em' since the car that knocked into his pickup had a blown radiator (fluid all over my friend's ride). Guess what our great cop said? 'Take down this number, if anyone is chasing you give us a call.' and he left it at that. Can you believe that?! No wonder crime goes on wildly nowadays. Damn cops couldn't give two shits.

Its a sad thought actually. No wonder people are migrating or finding ways to work overseas. If only the police will buck up and not give all sorts of false promises. Wearing a badge isn't enuff. Do the freaking work dammit! You already have gotten your pay raises right?! Arrrgghh. Guess the only thing we can do is be extra cautious of our surroundings. Take care folks and look out for each other cos the police ain't gonna do it. =(

Thursday, June 21, 2007

i hate thursdays!!

Sigh. Seems to be a pattern this year. Almost every Thursday something crappy happens. A lil' too creepy to be coincidental I must add. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

broadband in malaysia...

Not too long ago I received a flier from TM Net (my wonderful ISP) on Streamlessyx. It was advertising a very interesting offer which grabbed my attention. Upgrade to 1Mb speed for only RM1 for the first 3 months following which my rate is increased from RM66 to RM77. Only RM11 for an upgrade of 2x the speed. Not bad ha. Then I browsed down on the terms and conditions (the good ole' FINE print) for the catch. Lo and behold point 4 caught my attention.

iv. Speed of service is on best effort basis.

LOL. They just wiped ALL responsibility of providing the service. Its like you pay for the highest speed, but sorry ar, we cannot confirm you'll get it. We'll try our best though. Haha. Wtf is that?! Just because you hold the damn monopoly of such a service doesn't mean you can do what you like dammit! There should be some form of control on this. How the fuck can you go about providing broadband to the nation but wipe all responsibility like you are doing us a favor. Damn MCMC should do something about this. Arrggghh.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tank updates...

Its 2.5 months now and I think its safe to say that my tank is in stable condition. Fishes survived the new tank ordeal and all (although I can't spot them at the same time) my new shrimps seem to be strolling about happily. Did my regular water change last weekend and had to trim off majority of my java fern. All the leaves went brown and were withering away. Now that shrub looks so sparse. Guess its better since the lighting in my tank is low, so the remainder can survive now. I hope. ;)

With the help (donation) from $1 I added a new plant (Dwarf Sagittaria) in my tank. This is a grassy variety and is able to survive under low maintanance plus grow wildly. Looks nice due to its long thin leaves and fishies seem to love swimming through em'. Hope they fair better than my ferns. It does make the landscape more natural and helps fill up the tank. Have planted shoots on both back corners and a handful in the front middle. Will take pics when I have the time and post em' up for a clearer picture.

Hoping to add more fishies by end of this month. The variety of fish that I want, Mosquito Rasbora are in stock and pretty decently priced. Can't wait to fill up the tank and make it alot more livelier.

Monday, June 18, 2007


We all have various ways of soothing our mind and soul. Theres music, movies, a good book, sound sleep, a night out and of course the all time favourite, fooood! From time to time we all need some form of comforting. Doesn't mean we are down and out, its just something we need to keep us going. Jump start of sorts. Below are what I do for comfort.

1. Play games on my Nintendo DS Lite.
2. Spending time with Sunshine.
3. Take a long drive listening to my favourite tunes.
4. Watching a movie.
5. Some cold beers with the mates.
6. Reading a book/comic/magazine.
7. Playing futsal with the boys.
8. Enjoying a good meal at various places. The list is pretty extensive so decided against mentioning em'. Hehe.

I guess the most often cure for now is spending time with Sunshine and enjoying a good meal. Sadly eating isn't really a good source of comfort cos you end up gaining weight. LOL. I've already gained all that I've lost in the previous months. Then again, rather have my happiness than a lil extra weight. ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

dumb bitch!

Something really annoyed me on Wednesday night that I just have to bitch about. I was chilling at Baskin Robbins, Bangsar with Sunshine enjoying my Banana Royale while checking out the party crowd. As usual you have people who double park and then rush to move the car when people honk. This poor Savvy dude was stuck and kept honking for like 20 odd minutes before this bitchy gal cooly saunts over to her Civic and moves it, ignoring the owner that she blocked and even signalling to park at his spot as well. Surprisingly the Savvy owner was patient and just drove off. No telling off or showing the finger. Bitch then struggled to park her car and ran back to her partying.

Barely couple of minutes after she left her car, it starts blaring. As expected shes not gonna hear it so it goes on and off every now and then. Thankfully Civic's siren is rather soft so it didn't annoy us that much but something then something caught my eyes which did. Bitch had a poor puppy (either a Shih Tzu or Silky Terrier) in her car! She didn't have any windows down or even left any water/food for the lil' fler. We were there for about 30 odd minutes and she didn't return. I bet you she wouldn't have gone back to the car for like hours. Why the fuck would you bring your dog if you plan to party all night long? You expect the poor fella to survive inside that stuffy cramped car?! How would you like it if we locked you up in a tin can without food or water for a handful of hours. Stupid bitch. She couldn't even have the heart to check on the fler every now and then. Sigh. How cruel can you get? I hope the puppy defecated/peed all over her new Civic. Arrrggh. If only we were like Western countries whereby she can be fined or brought to court for animal cruelty. I karma kicks her right in the ass. Dumb bitch!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

damn rain!!!

Arrggghh. The last handful of days have been a real bitch. All we got is rain, rain and more rain and its still freaking raining! The best part is I was on leave the last 3 days. Sucks when you wanna chill but the damn weather doesn't oblige. KL was hit pretty bad with flash floods causing havoc to traders and vehicle owners. Pictures below show the extent of the damage. Hope I never get stuck in such a situation.

Rainy days always remind me of the kiddy rhyme below. At times I keep playing it over and over again in my head.

Rain, rain, go away,
Come again some other day,
We want to go outside and play,
Come again some other day.

Damn rain stops me from taking my tea break at work.
Damn rain stops me from loitering hanging out at KLCC park.
Damn rain makes driving a real bitch.
Damn rain stops me from visiting my favourite mamak joints.
Damn rain makes everything wet and soggy.

Sigh. Enuff of ranting already. Time to get back to work. Toodles folks.

Friday, June 01, 2007

chiang mai pictures...

our hotel with the beer garden by the side...

ladyboy cabaret...

again ladyboys...

night bazaar...

old man n myself at the beer garden...

elephant painter...

elephant ride...

karen long neck women...

coffee shop in the middle of nowhere...

along mekong river...

group shot on the small Laos island...