Sunday, September 30, 2007

getting bored...

We won. Thats the good news. A beautiful goal by Ronaldo as well. Unfortunately I can't really say much about how we are playing. Poor performance against Birmingham. To top it off we have become a real bore to watch. I miss the attacking play and flair around the midfield. I miss the confidence whenever we are near the goal mouth.

The new transfers (Nani, Andeson & Owen), suspension (Ronaldo) and injury (Neville, Rooney and Saha) have definately slowed us down. Team doesn't seem to have gelled yet. I wish Fergie would start Saha and give him time to set in. I wish Nani would also have more time on the field. Champions League game against Roma is coming up and I hope we will do well. Roma isn't a team to take lightly and after being whooped by United last year (7-1) they are definately gunning for us.

Its sad (a disgrace actually!) that we lost to Coventry last week in the League Cup. Guess the boys took things for granted and was given a bitch slap! Now the youngsters and new buys won't have a place to play competitive football. Looks like some of em' will be loaned out just to get exposure. Am missing Rossi and Smith. They sure would have given United a slight edge.

Oh well. Am sure the boys will find their momentum soon enuff. I mean at the end of the day we are still the Red Devils! :D

Glory glory Man Utd!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Remember I posted about 3 of my Cherry Shrimps being pregnant. Well I have been monitoring them every now and then and found only 1 carrying eggs left. So I presumed either the eggs of the other 2 dropped or they hatched and got eaten by the fishies or sucked by my filter. :(

To my surprise when I got back from work earlier, I spotted 2 shrimplets between my Java mosses. :D

Update (30/9/07): I actually still have 2 of em' carrying eggs and the 2 shrimplets are still hanging about the mosses. :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

thank you mourinho...

Finally a scoreline with more than 1 goal. Best part is its against Chelsea. To add to that it was Tevez and Saha who scored. Am praying this would open the floodgates for Tevez, which I doubt but at least its a load of his back. I do have to agree with most that the referee's calls were questionable. I don't however believe that he was bias towards Man United.

Anyways it doesn't matter how you win it as long as you win. The 3 points is definately appreciated. Have to thank Liverpool for drawing their match. Hehe. At least now we are back up there with the top four. :D

Glory glory Man Utd!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


This morning after a 3 month hiatus, the boys got together for a game of futsal. We were all excited especially laying low for so long. It was a great feeling to finally play again. Been feeling fat recently and it was nice to finally work out.

It was a nice game. Four a side. Only downside was towards the end I pulled my lower back muscle. An old injury I sustained a year ago. Think its from the lack of exercise for so long as well as lack of warming up. Sigh. Now I gotta tolerate the pain for awhile till it heals. :(

Thursday, September 20, 2007

new itch...

Sigh. Am falling into the trap again. Am itchy to get myself a new phone. Main reason is to get one with a good built in camera so I can take random pics for blogging (I know I know its just an excuse). Hehe. So obviously I turn to Sony Ericsson and their Cyber-shot phones. Will never touch Nokia due to how much they suck. Love Motorola but sadly their camera feature will never be up to par. Have used Sony Ericsson before (the T630) but sold it soon after as I didn't like the interface much although it does look good.

Now I just gotta learn to live with it. Hehe. There are some really nice models coming out especially the K850i. Simply amazing. 5 Megapixels with image stabiliser and 40mb built in memory. On top of that you can use MicroSD memory cards. So no more memory sticks which are rather costly. Sadly its gonna be their flagship model and should cost around RM2000 plus. Way over my budget.

Have decided to settle on the K800i with a 3.2 Megapixel. Their ex flagship Cyber-shot phone if I am not mistaken. Price has drop to a reasonable level and it performs really well. Nothing but praises so far. Was actually thinking of the K770i which looks really good and also nice and slim but its more of their style series so certain features were left out to cut cost. Think its also pricier than the K800i by a few hundred at least plus won't be released for a month or so.

Now gotta work on selling my current phone (Motorola ROKR E2). Wish me luck! ;)



a win is a win...

Fine we didn't play all that great. Sporting Lisbon looked like the better team. Some interesting shots by them testing Van De Sar to the limit. Sadly MU didn't create much chances but at the end of the day, a win is a win! :D

Nice goal by Ronaldo. Great cross from Wes Brown. Miss those with the absense of Gary Neville. Hope he will return soon. Am worried at the way MU is playing this season. They have scraped by with 1 nil wins but as the league progresses its not gonna be enuff. Can't be riding lady luck for too long ya know. Hope things pick up soon!

On the other hand 2 interesting news. One is that Arsenal is seriously looking like a big threat this season. They have been playing simply amazing football. Best part is they didn't spend like the others in the EPL. They even sold their star, Thierry Henry. All the investment on youngsters are really paying off. I think they will do really well this season.

Best news of all is that Jose Mourinho has left Chelsea. Can't believe it. I have a feeling its more of Abramovich who gave up on the 'special one'. Great news but sad at the same time. He has brought some character into the EPL. Love his comments. Am sure the media is gonna miss him the most. Can't sell that many papers now. Hehe.

Alrighty better get back to work. Glory glory Man Utd! :D

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

champions league...

Can't wait I tell ya. Champions League campaign for the Red Devils is to start tonight against Sporting Lisbon. It should be an interesting away match. Heard Rooney will be back so hope things pick up. We have been having a rather dry spell in terms of scoring. Sadly Hargreaves is out as his European exposure would definately be a big boost. Hope we kick off with a bang especially when Liverpool and Chelsea drew their first games.

Glory glory Man Utd!

Monday, September 17, 2007

free petrol...

Late last year I entered a contest by Perodua (Fill & Win) online for the fun of it. Practically forgot about it till I got an SMS early last week from Perodua telling me I won a petrol voucher. So I headed down to my PJ branch at Section 19 earlier to collect it. I wasn't expecting much, say maybe RM10 but surprisingly I won the RM30 Petronas voucher. Not too bad I must say. Good start to the week. Hehe. Nothing like free petrol! :D

Sunday, September 16, 2007

visit from a buddy...

This weekend I had the pleasure of entertaining a long time buddy, Poopie and her fiance Dairy Boi. They came up from Singapore for a short break from their hectic lives. Good to have caught up after a really long time. Think the last time we saw each other was around a year plus ago.

Didn't really have to take them anywhere as they've been to KL before. We instead decided just to bum roam around Mid Valley Megamall and KLCC. Only request they had was to enjoy yummy food. Guess no visit to Malaysia is complete without pigging out. Hehe.

Thanks for coming over Poopie! Always a pleasure. See you next time in March for ya wedding. :D

Thursday, September 13, 2007

max! kitchen & wines...

On Saturday it was Sunshine's birthday and I decided to take her somewhere nice. Been reading about Max! Kitchen & Wines from multiple floggers for awhile now and decided what the heck. Made reservations (a week before) for 8.30pm but like most Malaysians only got there around 9.30pm. Thankfully Max wasn't full and we manage to get a table. We also managed to get parking right in front. ;)

I was kinda set on what to eat but Sunshine took awhile deliberating. She knew she wanted fish but Max! had about 4 odd varieties to choose from. We ended up sharing a starter which was the US Sea Scallops with a Balsamic Reduction. For mains Sunshine had the Cod cooked with Wine and Butter Bean Sauce while I went for the Shiraz Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks with Mushroom Ragout. To end it all we shared the Crisp Kataifi Pastry with Strawberries and Coconut Ice Cream. For drinks we tried the Mango and Chocolate milkshakes.

Now for the review! :) The dinner started off with the complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I've had this before at Italiannies but didn't fancy the oil and vinegar combo much. Somehow I really loved Max!'s. Could be the hunger but his balsamic vinegar was much tastier. Sunshine however didn't fancy it but loved the bread as it was nice and soft. Both our drinks were good as well especially the chocolate milkshake. Not sure what cocoa powder they used but its really chocolicious. *droool* Wouldn't mind some right now actually. ;)

Then came the starter which was the scallops and boy were they good. Five plump scallops with a nice balsamic reduction. Fresh and yummy. Couldn't help lapping up the sauce. The grilled chilli slices were a nice touch as well. Also loved the taste of the olives. Very much different from what we usually get. I was expecting sun dried tuna loin slices as read in the menu but didn't get any. Guess its also my fault as I didn't question the waiter or Max about it. Was really interested in tasting the thinly sliced tuna loin. :(

Max! was rather busy so the mains took awhile to come. When it came both dishes looked stunning. First we dug into Sunshine's cod. It was cooked just about right and was really yummy. Love the subtle wine with butter bean sauce. It complimented the cod very well. Sunshine finished the meal with a big smile on her face. :)

Then came my Wagyu Beef Cheeks. Now I have been reading good things about this dish from multiple blogs and was really expecting something magical. Sadly it wasn't all that. The meat was tender and good but I wouldn't call it great. The sauce was just so so. Loved the mushroom variety though. Sunshine made an interesting comment that the beef tasted like something out of a can. LOL. Maybe its an acquired taste but I for one wouldn't order it again especially at RM60. I had to endure Sunshine's teasing for paying so much for canned beef. Arrgghhh.

So the mains turned out 50 50. We still decided to end the meal with a dessert. Now their dessert menu sounds really yummy but both of us didn't have space for much so we decided on sharing one. I read about their kataifi pastry thingy and went for that. When it came it looked real delish but sadly both of us didn't like it much. Somehow the kataifi pastry didn't go well with the strawberries. Would have been nicer if the pastry itself was sweetened. It felt like eating raw Weetabix. Am guessing its another acquired taste sorta dish. The coconut ice cream was also another downer. We kinda expected more (creamier/tastier) due to the price but it was rather simple. Think what we had at Baskin n Robbins was much better. I did however like the fruit salad that accompanied the dish.

All and all I don't think I'll head back to Max! Kitchen and Wines anytime soon. Don't feel that the price justifies the food. I have to admit that presentation wise he doesn't dissappoint. From the plates itself to the dishes. Everything looked stunning! Guess to have a better take I might have to visit during lunch time as I heard the set meal prices are reasonable. Oh well at least I finally got to try Max! out. Hehe. Been hearing about it one too many times already! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

pregnant shrimps!

OMG. You wouldn't believe this. One hellave surprise I got coming back from work today. After losing almost every fauna in my tank to disease, I have been blessed with 3 pregnant Cherry Shrimps. If you could see the smile on my face right now. Am sooo excited! I didn't really plan for this but WOW. I guess adding all those extra shrimps did help. Now 3 of my seniors are fully loaded. Hehe. Best part is I got pictures to prove it!

From the 2 pics below you can see they're pregnant by their yellow bellies. If only you can have a clearer view. Maybe its just me but its a really amazing feeling. Gives you a great sense of pride in your tank. :)

Below is how my tank is looking right about now. Slight changes since the last time. The plants seem to stabilise now with the added light and better filter. Been having trouble getting nice shots of my tank so these would have to do for now. At least your get the jist of it.

Damn am so excited I can't sleep now. LOL. Now I gotta locate a filter inlet sponge so that if they do successfully pop I don't lose the shrimplets to the filter. Damn I'm gleaming! :D

Update: Follow this link to a nice video showing how Cherry Shrimps release their shrimplets. Hopefully I'll be able to see it in real life. ;)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

birthday wishes...

Happy Birthday Sunshine! :D

Monday, September 03, 2007

little penang kafe @ the Curve...

Last night I was at the Curve with Sunshine for dinner. We didn't fancy anything special so decided to try out a place we keep passing by. Its called Little Penang Kafe and they always seem full of people. I googled it before and read some reasonable reviews of this place so we decided why not. Unfortunately it was a big let down. :(

Sunshine had the fried kway teow while I had the chicken nasi lemak. On top of that we shared a bowl of Red Ruby which is a Thai dessert made of diced water chestnut morsels, sweet coconut milk and shaved ice. When the food first came it looked appetising and smelled good but it all went down south once we dug in.

The kway teow reminds me of what we can get for breakfast at malay stalls. You know the ones sold out of a big tray. Only difference being those were only RM1 to RM2 while this cost RM9! The chicken nasi lemak started out okay. The rice was aromatic and tasty while the dash of belacan was yummy. Unfortunately the ghost chicken curry was awful. I can't describe the taste but its really bad. Maybe its something out of Penang and just doesn't suit our taste buds.

All was not lost however as the dessert (Red Ruby) was good. The sweet coconut milk and shaven ice was just about right. Not to mention the yummy morsels of water chestnut and slices of jackfruit. *drool* Red Ruby was always my favourite Thai dessert. Use to have yummy ones at Sri Siam in SS2.

the awful chicken nasi lemak...

the mamak char kway teow...

yummy red ruby!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

another close call...

Anyone catch the game (MU vs Sunderland) early this morning? I did and boy was it another close one. Yes we did dominate 70% of the game (just like the last 4 games) and had the most chances but at the end of the day, its how many that went to the back of the net that counts!

Fortunately we got through with 3 points. Nice to see Saha back after 1 year 4 months of moaning and bitching injury. Won't comment much on Anderson since it was his first game but am sure with Ole coaching he'll mould into a good striker soon. With Giggsy injured, Chris Eagles started and I have to say hes looking pretty good (except for the hairstyle that is).

I foresee the Red Devils picking up their pace especially with Saha and Ronaldo back. Can't wait for the next game against Everton. The Toffees better watch out!

Glory glory Man Utd!