Thursday, May 22, 2008

kings of europe...

What a spectacular final in Moscow! Hope all you footy fans didn't miss this historical all English Champions League final. What heart and passion was thrown onto the pitch by both teams. Told you it was gonna be a cracker. :D

At the end of it all, the team with the most desire won it. The game was right down to the wire ending in 120 minutes 1 - 1. Great header by Ronaldo in the 26th minute before Lampard scoring the equaliser just before half time. Then it was a tensed 75 minutes where both teams were picking at one another.

It was unfortunate that the title was decided with penalties but how else when both teams were not giving in. Always hated penalties. Too freaking tensed plus its all down to luck. I was off my seat pacing around the living room, heart pounding. Felt like I was one of the boys I tell ya.

Somehow I knew CR7 was gonna miss it and when he did my heart fell. What made it worse was when none of the Chelsea boys missed their shots till the 5th round. Terry slipping and hitting the woodwork was like a blessing from the heavens! It was a great way to cap the game with Giggsy slotting in the winner and Van De Sar saving Anelka's spot kick.

What a glorious end to the season. A well deserved double for the Red Devils. Congrats boys and big kudos to Sir Alex Ferguson. A true mastermind of the game. Never doubt his tactics as without a doubt he'll always surprise you. ;)

Glory glory Man United! Champions of 2008!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the time has come...

In 24 hours one of the hottest games in European football will commence at the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow. The battle between the Red Devils against the Blues for the coveted UEFA Champions League trophy.

Leading up to the game both teams have been going at it verbally to psyche one another out. At the end of the day is what happens on the field tommorrow that counts.

Manchester United are gunning for a double (and their 3rd Champions League title!) while Chelsea are hoping not to go home empty handed this season.

Their last encounter at Stamford Bridge was a pretty heated one but I expect this to be much worse. Who will steer their teams to victory? Will it be Ronaldo or Lampard? Rooney or Drgoba? Or like in 1999, will it be a super sub (Malouda or Tevez perhaps?) who comes in and changes everything. Only time will tell. Brace yourselves folks for an amazing night of wonderful football. :D

My thoughts on the first 11 for Manchester United would be VDS, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Brown, Park, Scholes, Carrick, Ronaldo, Hargreaves and Rooney. Tevez and Giggsy to come in towards the last 30 odd minutes to change things up a bit. What say you? ;)

Glory glory Man United!

Monday, May 19, 2008

iron man...

After a pretty long time I finally managed to catch a movie in the theaters. It was a day off one Monday as our clients were on bank holiday and I didn't want to just bum at home. Got up around 11ish and headed straight to Cineleisure Damansara.

Can you guess what did I end up watchin'? Yup, it was Iron Man! After all the hype and rave reviews (93% in Rotten Tomatoes & 8.2/10 from IMDB), I couldn't miss it.

I was fortunate enuff to get a THX theater and enjoy all the sound effects in full glory. This has to be the best comic book adaptation after X-Men.

Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect choice for Tony Stark. I heard Tom Cruise was suppose to play the lead role but thankfully it was all rumours. He would have killed the character and the movie. Robert Downey had the role down pat. Guess being a rich alcholic flamboyant playboy suits him. Hehe. To be honest he is a versatile actor. One of the main reasons why I wanted to watch this movie.

Gwyneth Paltrow also played her role as Pepper Potts well. Wouldn't we all love to have a PA like Gwyneth. ;) The villain Obadiah Stane was played by Jeff Bridges, who for the first time went bald. Which I just found out from E! was his own idea. He carried the role well too. Actually the whole freaking cast was spot on.

If you haven't watched it yet, you better head down to the cinemas and catch it. Don't think watching it at home will do the movie justice. Kudos to Jon Favreau for doing a great job of putting it all together. Can't wait for the sequel. :D

Friday, May 16, 2008

mega mac...

Am sure most of you are aware of the heavy advertising by Mickey D's recently in relation to their iconic 'Big Mac'. All you gotta do is recite the Big Mac Chant within' 4s and you got yaself a free Big Mac. Sounds like sweet deal right? Sadly its easier said than done!

"Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun."

I tried reciting it to myself a few times but couldn't manage 4s or even close to that for that matter, so I decided to give the challenge a pass. Instead I was more interested in trying out the Mega Mac (RM9.99). Just imagine DOUBLE the yummy goodness of a Big Mac. *drooool*

Finally after almost 2 weeks of the promotion I got my hands on one. Check out the nice oversized box the burger came in. Enticing no?!

Usually when I order Big Mac they make a bad job of preparing it. It turns up all messy and lopsided. Surprisingly though this came neat and nice. Damn it smelled soooo good. Always did love the smell of a Big Mac, which to me is a definative scent of McDs, apart from their golden french fries of course.

So how was it? Firstly it was one hellave challenge to just get one bite! LOL. It tasted alright. Double the meat and cheese. Sadly little low on the special sauce. After about half way through, it hit me. This was overkill. I did manage to finish it but I doubt I'll order it again. The regular Big Mac will do for me. ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008

we are the champions!

It was a pulsating 90 minutes. In the first 30 odd minutes things didn't look that bright with the Latics attacking frequently. Then Rooney got brought down by Scharner which gave United a penalty. Ronaldo stepped up without an ounce of pressure and slotted it in. Boy was it tensed.

Being 1 goal up didn't really make it smooth rolling. All Wigan had to do was draw and we would have lost the title. Another goal was needed to seal it and it wasn't easy to come by. Wigan held their ground and were also threatening at the other end.

That all changed 10 minutes from time when Rooney provided a beautiful pass to Ryan Giggs in the center of the penalty box. He was shocked to be placed so nicely but he slotted the one on one goal in. What a great way to win the league title I tell ya. I was jumping off my seat! :D

He is after all a true United legend. Screw all the hecklers who were on his back throughout this season. He has now equalled Sir Bobby Charlton's record of 758 appearances for the Red Devils. Come 21st May 2008 at Moscow he will definately own the record for the most appearences under Manchester United. Keep it up Giggsy. ;)

Next up is the double. The Blues better watch out as we ain't gonna let go of the Champions League cup easily. Its gonna be one hellave game I tell ya. :D

Glory glory Man United!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day!

Would like to take this oppurtunity to wish my Amma a
Happy Mother's Day! :D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

down to the wire...

Its down to the wire boys. What a thrilling ride it has been. Now its up to the very last game of the English Premier League to decide who is the CHAMPION of 2007/2008 season.

The Red Devils are up against Wigan at the JJB while Chelsea is up against the Trotters at home. Most people are sure that the Blues are gonna win it so Manchester United are pressured to secure a win. Chelsea needs us to lose to win the EPL this season.

Am sure the boys will prevail and lift the cup at the end of 90 minutes. Its also gonna be a battle of survival at the bottom. Birmingham, Fulham and Reading are fighting for the last spot. I hope the Royals makes the cut but am sure all 3 will be going at it. Whatever it is, its gonna be one hellave Super Sunday! :D

Glory glory Man United!

Friday, May 09, 2008

dumb or selfish?

Got this in an email today. Now is this person dumb or selfish? You be the judge. Sadly its a common occurrence in Malaysia. I see it every now and then at Tesco and Carrefour hypermarkets. Sigh.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

mj cafe n restaurant at jaya 33...

The recent rain storms have put a real damper on dinner during work days. As we have only 1 hour to grab a meal, we can't really go far. So when it rains many places that we frequent (stalls mostly) are off the list.

Recently we have Jaya 33 as an option. Sadly though all the restaurants are mid level or higher so its not ideal for daily meals. However Sunshine and I stumbled upon a place right at the back called MJ Cafe N Restaurant. Its reasonably priced offering typical mamak/kopitiam/economical western food.

First we ordered our drinks and I tried their cold cham aka yin yong aka coffee mix tea (RM2.20) while Sunshine just had warm water (RM0.50). The cham had a good mixture and tasted rich enough.

When it came down to food we were both famished. So we wanted some rice. I went with the Pineapple Fried Rice (RM7.90). It came with a nice fried egg on top. The garnish of pineapply slices and cucumbers were sad as their were all dried up. God only knows how long it has been sitting out. The rice itself was pretty good. Not typical Thai style but good enuff. There were alot of yummy pineapple bits inside which gave a nice flavor.

Sunshine wanted something spicy so she went for their Thai Fried Rice (RM6.50) which wasn't really spicy. It did have a nice sourish taste though which she liked. Accompanying the fried rice was stir fried chicken cooked in soy sauce. It was alright I guess. Something different.

Overall a reasonable place to visit whenever it rains or we get bored of the regular fare. Only downside would be parking, a typical Jaya area issue.

MJ Cafe and Restaurant
PG-12, Ground Floor, Jaya 33, No. 3, Jalan Semangat, Section 13, 46200 PJ, Selangor.