Sunday, February 27, 2005


What a f**ked up Saturday it has been?! Had the whole day planned out only to wake up puking my guts out and feeling all whoozy. Ended up spending the day in bed drinking 100 Plus. Freaking A!! There goes my game of Futsal and the trip up Gentings. Arrgghhh why does this happen when there is something to do?! When I'm bored sick outta my mind I'm healthy as ever. Damn I wish I can have some Chivas right now or even a can of Jolly.

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Something interesting I got today plus its sooo damn true.

If a barber makes a mistake, it is a new style
If a driver makes a mistake, it is an accident
If a doctor makes a mistake, it is an operation
If parents makes a mistake, it is a new generation
If a politician makes a mistake, it is a new law
If a Scientist makes a mistake, it is a new invention
If a tailor makes a mistake, it is a new fashion
If a teacher makes a mistake, it is a new theory
If your boss makes a mistake,

It is your freaking mistake!

Friday, February 25, 2005


Who is Betty? Well she is my one and only. My bundle of joy. No she does not have long hair or pouty lips or even wears sexy lingerie to bed. Although I bet if she was a human, she'd definately be all that and a bag of chips! Betty is actually my car, a Perodua Kelisa. The only true asset that I have and cherish. Its gonna be 2 years soon since I bought her and boy have we had some great rides together. So far I've spent quite a bit on her whether it be performance parts, audio or just comfort goodies. But whats a lil' money for the one you adore right? She can't beat a Supra or even take on a GTI but shes mine and I LOVE her. Yellow on the bottom and black up top, plus nice soft leather seats inside and not forgetting the tight sport rims I got for her not too long ago. Just thinking about her makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. All one has to do is get in, pop your favourite CD, start the engine and let her rip. I guarentee that most of you would fall in love with her or at least good enuff for a one nights stand. She has an intoxicating growl and an occasional purr and not forgetting the howling. Damn I think I'll go for a drive now. Cya folks!


Since I'm pretty drained today. I decided to blog about my car club K2OC. Now it stands for Kenari and Kelisa Owners Club and was formed about 2 years plus back. If you are unsure of what these cars are just head over to the manufacturer's website or you can just Google it. I found this club way before I even owned a Kelisa and this was when I was researching in US on what car to get when I return home. After deciding many factors especially cost, it was down to the Kelisa. It looks good, nippy and seem to suit my character quite well. Soon after returning I bought the car and was active with the club instantly. Via the club I have made many good mates and have enjoyed many adventurers with them. From going on Sunday drives to convoying all the to Singapore. To imagine we started out like 10 fellas hangin' about at a petrol station chatting to now having trouble finding a location for us to just park! We average now about 50 cars per session and the most so far I think is about 70 plus. Its great to see it grow so fast in over a year plus and makes the pioneers very proud. We are even registered with the Registrar of Societies (Malaysia). We have members ranging from college kids to even 40 year olds and when we hang out its like one big family. It has come to a point that members are so close to each other that they hang out daily. Everything is shared with one another from shit that has gone wrong to joyous occasions like getting a new born. This year itself we have had 2 K2OC babies and I am sure more is to come. Our usual activity is lepaking at our hot spots and once in awhile we have a game of futsal or bowling to organizing day trips. I feel very happy to be part of such a club and if ever there comes a time when I need to sell of my baby, its gonna be just as painful to leave the club too. Thankfully we have decided to form an Alumni. So I guess it ain't gonna be all that bad huh.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


I'm feeling rather nostalgic lately. Lots of memories keep proping up and leaves me in weird moods. Sometimes I really miss the days when there wasn't much stress and worry and I could just live life by the minute. No deadlines. No one to answer to. Be with the one I want and do what I feel whenever I feel like it. Sigh. When you start maturing (or at least think you are), theres just too much restrictions and responsibility. Many things you have to say 'NO' to or stop yourself from doing. I miss the days I can just laze about in bed for the whole day or dissappear with my gf for days without anyone else knowing. Or just getting up one day and deciding to go travelling for the week. Nowadays we have to PLAN everything. Apply for leave. Make sure there is enough money and blah blah blah. If only there is a time warp of some kind where I can pop in and out of the chapters of my life. Wouldn't that be sweet?! Think about it. One minute I'm at a meeting and the next I'm reliving the first time I saw snow or french kissed. But I guess that would be creepy too. It would seem that I never grew up. There won't be a stopping point. No direction. Sigh. Can't I just be a 'Toys R Us' kid!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

what a weekend...

Boy what a weekend I had. First there was this meeting at work which went a wee bit longer than expected. Can you imagine people complaining about doing work? I mean I understand about over working or something but to actually complain about doing work is beyond me. Anyways after that had a film shoot at some remote location. Not really remote but considering I got lost and had to drive for an hour just to find it (within the same area mind you). I have considered it REMOTE. It was for some new show coming on Astro about cars. So our car club (which I will write about one day) is going to be featured. Never knew how tiring it can be especially with the heat and all. Hopefully the show actually airs and not dissappear due to budget issues or something. After that I was too pooped to do anything else and knocked out. Sunday was much better though. Woke up early to get my car sound proofed by a friend. In between had to go so a colleague's place for Chinese New Year lunch. Damn was her mother in law a great cook. Still can taste the food in my mouth. *Droool*. After lunch had to pick up my ride and head for our car club's commitee meeting. That didn't last that long and before you know it I was sitting down in front of some nicely marinated and spicy pork chops. *Droool* . After the scrumptuous dinner, my parents and I went to visit my cousin who just had twins about 2 weeks back. Babies can be so soothing at times. They look so sweet and fragile. Oblivious to their surroundings. What a life they lead as well. Wake up, eat and back to sleep. Then repeat every 4 hours or so. If only life was like this for me. But then I might be too huge after awhile to actually BE alive!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

cable car ride...

A shot from our trip to Langkawi. This is by far the best cable car ride I have ever taken. Extremely high, stunning view and at the top we get to walk across a hanging bridge which is simply breathtaking. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005

10 reasons why i miss winter...

1. Making snow angels.
2. Playing american football after a fresh snowfall.
3. Drinking hot chocolate.
4. Cuddling in bed with your loved one.
5. Throwing snow balls.
6. Sliding around with your car on an empty car park.
7. Watching people fall down rushing to class/work.
8. Eating ice cream outdoors.
9. Snowboarding.
10. Having a steamboat party.

are u on friendster...

Friendster. What a truly magical thing. A simple idea adapted so well that its become part of peoples lives. From finding a long lost classmate to searching for your future partner. It would be really sad to have a friendster profile and not have a single person linked because theres just got to be at least someone you know on there. And if you don't, then sadly you might have other issues to work on. A thing I realised about Friendster is that there are a few categories of people on there. Firstly you have the 'realist'. Now these people are there for what the service was made for, which is to network. A place where you can meet your lost friends, current friends and make new friends. Then we have the 'wannabes'. These are people who behave black when they are white, cool when their not or smart when they are far from it. I'm sure you get where I'm going with this. Another category would be the 'perverts'. Do I even have to explain this category??!! With the pictures some people post and the huge selection with just a click of the button. You wonder why there aren't more of this kind out there. Lastly would be the 'advertisers'. These people create profiles just to promote themselves or whatever they are selling. Whether it could be an upcoming porn star, a new club in Bangsar or the next Kate Moss. There is just no better place than on Friendster. Its free, allows uploading of pictures and extremely easy to use. Now if only they can fix some of the freaking bugs on the server so I can get back to adding Beyonce and Halle Berry to my freaking list!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

the first plop...

Ahh finally a blog of my own. I can't say that I'm gonna be entertaining or that you can look forward to some good shieet but do stopover once in awhile just for the heck of it. First off I guess I'll venture a lil' about my life. I'm 26 this year, single and working for an outsourcing company. I'm in Malaysia but work for UK and US which makes me an owl. I go to work when others are ready to go home and only head home when others are close to waking up for work. Its silly I know but the pay is well, I have a great position and someone has to do it right?. Gimme a few years and then I'll start to bitch about it. I love cars and wish I owned a Mini Cooper S or a BMW M3 but all I can afford right now is a Perodua Kelisa (which I adore mind you). For those of you wondering what the hell is that, well imagine a shopping cart with 14 inchers and you got the right picture. I listen to hip hop mostly but I do have the mood for some hard rock, jazz or alternative but no country please. I miss snow and hate it when it rains. I hate the heat even more and wish everyday could be like spring. I love the Red Devils and hate the LA Lakers. I hope to be a bit taller and a lil lighter. I guess thats enuff crap for today. Thanks for keeping up this far and I'll try my best not to dissappoint. Cheerio.