Wednesday, February 27, 2008

tank updates...

Boy its been a long time since I last updated you guys on my beloved aquarium. My plan to add a driftwood was scraped and haven't really done much esthetically.

Sadly in December I lost quite a handful of the fishies and now am only left with 4 Ember Tetras, 1 lone Boraras Maculatus and 1 Cherry Barb who is from my pioneer batch and still going strong. :D

I did however add a 2 more Cherry Barbs as I found the micro fish rather dull and inactive. This could be due to lack of vegetation in my tank. Am planning to add 3 more Barbs as they are a joy to watch.

On a plus note the shrimps are all alive and kicking. Think they have given birth a handful of times although not many survivors. This due to being eaten or sucked into the filter system. :(

Will try to take some pics and update one of these days. Thats all for now. Adios!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

poor keegan...

What a sad outcome it must have been for Kevin Keegan. He hoped to repeat what City did to the Red Devils 2 weeks back but unfortunately got himself deeper into relegation territory.

The boys obliterated the Magpies 1 - 5 at St. James Park. A double from Rooney, another double from Ronaldo and a bonus from Saha.

The Toons came into the game wanting to revenge the thrashing (6 - 0) in January at Old Trafford but somehow just couldn't up their games. They did have some good moments but not enuff to make a dent. Poor Keegan is left looking for his first win since taking in the reigns 6 games ago.

Hopefully he will be given the time to bring Newcastle back from the grave. Kudos again for the boys and a wonderful win and thank you Birmingham for holding Arsenal to a draw. Next up the Cottagers! :D

Glory glory Man United!

On a side note, would like to wish Eduardo da Silva from Arsenal, who suffered a potential career damaging injury from a bad tackle a speedy recovery. Good news is he is expected back in the game by end of this year. Wish him all the best and hope to see him back to scoring goals.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

comeback boys...

Have always felt that the Red Devils have a knack for coming back in the last dying moments. It happens quite often especially on high profile games and boy is it such a freaking thrill to watch!

This morning MU went up against Lyon at Stade de Gerland for their 1st leg Champions League match. It was an intense game as both sides were holding their ground. The boys were controlling most of the match but finding it hard to get past Lyon's defense which was rock solid.

Sadly in the 2nd half Karim Benzema scored a goal with a marvellous piece of solo effort. Boy does this kid have the skills. Hes only 20 years old but what a presence on the field. He definately gave Ferdinand and Vidic a run for their money. Damn I really hope we manage to get him come summer. Would definately be a sweet addition to the team.

After that strike I was getting worried as Lyon was holding fort really well. Coupet had quite a few amazing saves and the defense was all over Rooney and Ronaldo. Fortunately on the 65th minute Fergie made 2 perfect substitutions, Tevez and Nani and what a difference it made. It opened up our offense and created more chances. Before you know it on the 87th minute Tevez slotted one in from a pass by Nani. I was jumping off my couch I tell ya.

Now I can't wait for the 2nd leg in Old Trafford. It will be one hellave game. I wouldn't say the boys have it easy cos Lyon is quite a powerhouse but am sure Fergie will go all out blazing. Kudos on the draw boys! :D

Glory glory Man United!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

old town white coffee at section 19, pj...

Think most of you would be familiar with Old Town White Coffee cafes. This modern kopitiam chain which has branches (77 as of 16th January 2008) all over Malaysia has been around for quite awhile now. Being a fan of Ipoh Old Town White Coffee for years, I couldn't help but try this place out when they opened up near my office. :D

As expected the highlight of this place has definately gotta be their COFFEE. From their infamous White Coffee to Hazelnut White Coffee to Nanyang Memorably, which is their take on Cappuccino I think. Love the frothy top and thick coffee flavour. Do give the Hazelnut variety a try as its really good. You can taste then nice nutty flavour on top of the smooth coffee. Yummy!

One surprise I had from Old Town cafe is their teas. I didn't think it would amount to much but one sip and I was hooked. Their White Milk Tea is quite similar to Hong Kong's Nai Cha whereby its very creamy. They also have something called Xi Mut Milk Tea which is suppose to be silky smooth, will have to give that a try one of these days. ;)

When it comes to food, Old Town does have a wide array of choices. From toasts to rice to noodles. Sadly though only their bread related stuff are nice, everything else isn't worth a try unless you are REALLY hungry. Hehe.

I have tried all the types of toasts on offer and none of them disappoint. From the heavenly French Toast to their scrumptious Thick Toast (plain, kaya or peanut butter) to their light and crispy Kaya Toast. If you want something heavier you can also give their Tuna Toast a try which is really yummy.

Now Old Town White Coffee has opened another branch near my office at Jaya One. How am I to avoid them? LOL. Both of these outlets have become a regular haunt for Sunshine and I. Even the boys love hanging out there every now and then especially when the craving for a cuppa arises. :D

Old Town White Coffee Cafe
Location: 3 Two Square, C-18-01, Dataran 32, Jalan 19/1, PJ, opposite Toyota's flagship center as well as the Section 14 mosque.
Location: Jaya One, C-1-1, Block C, Unit 1, Level B2, Jalan 13/PJ.

Monday, February 18, 2008

can of whoop ass...

Did any of you catch the game on Saturday? If you didn't then you missed out on one hellave cracker. Reeling from the derby defeat last week to Manchester City, the Red Devils rose to the occasion and tore Arsenal a new one (4 - NIL)!

Told you the boys are gonna bring it to the Gunners. Best part was the stars of the day were our fringe players, Fletcher and Nani. Always did love Cup games as the fringe players get to start and usually end up shining one way or another. If only we were still contending for the League Cup.

Nani was all over the place. Not only did he score goal number 3 but he assisted on the other 3 goals as well. A real impressive display especially after the derby loss last week. Hope he gets to start more often from now. Only downside was the showboating incident which was unsportsmanlike although I did enjoy it. Hehe.

I have to admit I don't fancy Darren Fletcher much and was dissappointed when he started but boy did he prove me wrong. Like Nani he was everywhere and he was even close to scoring a freaking hatrick. Hope he gets more chances as he has been very loyal to the Red Devils.

Besides them the other stars would have to be Anderson, Carrick and Rooney. Sadly Rooney was denied a few more goals but guess you can't have it all. Carrick was really impressive with his deft passing. I think we have found our new deputy in the center and it has to be Anderson. They boy dominated the midfield. So young yet no one could get past him. Real force to reckon with.

It was a real joy to see the Devils play on Saturday. Hope they will keep this up and take the League back. I believe the Treble is definately attainable this season as long as we avoid anymore injuries.

Glory glory Man United!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day Sunshine!

Monday, February 11, 2008

sad loss...

Sigh. What a disappointing game! After 34 years, Manchester City has finally beaten the Red Devils at Old Trafford. To top that, after 38 years they have completed a league double. Sigh.

The match started with a memorial for the Busby Babes, who lost their lives 50 years ago in the Munich air disaster. Thank you to the City fans for respecting the emotional 1 minute silence. It was nice to see both teams in jerseys devoid of sponsors' logos. The Red Devils even had the same jersey won by the Busby Babes numbered 1 to 16. Wouldn't mind having one of em' for my collection. :D

Once the game got going, the Red Devils were all out attacking. City then hit back and on the 25th minute found the back of the net. United tried to level things but never got anything solid. Sadly just a minute before the break, the Blues were up by 2 from a header by Benjani. On his freaking debut of all times. Arrrgghh.

Come 2nd half City were happy to just defend and hold the ball. The Red Devils tried to come back but somehow they never really shined. It was just a BAD day. In my opinion one of the poorest performances by United on home ground. Felt Fergie should have put Danny Welbeck on the squad and maybe bring him on towards the end. Then again he might have his reasons.

Oh well, all is not lost. We still have more games to look forward to. Hope Arsenal drop some points tonight against Blackburn. We'll definately bring it this Saturday for the FA Cup match against Arsenal. Am sure the boys will get a good drilling from Fergie till then.

Glory glory Man United!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

chinese new year...

Wishing all my Chinese readers and friends a

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Kong Hei Fatt Choy!