Wednesday, November 30, 2005

food poisoning...

Arrggh what a screwed up day I had yesterday. Was practically bedridden the whole day. Must have ate something dirty/spoilt during supper the previous nite and that screwed my tummy up real good. Was purging and vomiting constantly. Had to even break my clean record and take an MC. Now I'm avoiding anything oily or milky. Don't even have the appetite actually. Hope my tummy gets back to normal soon since I'll be heading down to Malacca this weekend. Don't want to be missing out on all the goodies there. Guess I'll stick to drinking soup till then. Sigh.

Friday, November 25, 2005

power of technology...

I found something very interesting today. At around 7ish pm I received an SMS from a friend stating that her friend's 6 year old daughter was kidnapped today along with their car, which is a new Perodua MyVi, at a petrol station in Puchong. Without hesitation I forwarded this SMS to my mates as well as people in the office. I went online during that moment and noticed that there were multiple postings of this case in various forums. I also got word that some of my mates received this news via chat tools like MSN/Yahoo Messenger and ICQ. About an hour or so later an update was posted in most of the forums stating that thankfully the daughter was found by a taxi driver. The story was that they left the car (running I think) in the petrol station (to pay or get something I'm presuming) with their daughter inside. Two guys got in the car and shot off. They immediately spread the news to their friends who in turn spread it about. About an hour or so later the lil' girl was found by a taxi driver along a road somewhere. Thankfully as the girl's safety is all that we were worried about. The car can always be replaced.

Now the interesting thing is, I do not know this family and neither does my friend who sent the SMS to me or received them from others. But the way how information travelled to tonnes of people who were total strangers to the people affected. I even heard that a radio station publicised this during the ordeal (although stating that they cannot verify if it was true). The marvels of technology helped spread the news and keep people in the lookout. I am sure without mobile phones and the internet, it wouldn't have been so quick and god knows how the ending would have been.

This also reminds me of an incident whereby a car got stolen in Shah Alam and within minutes it was posted online to spread the word. After about a handful of hours, the car was spotted in Johor (which is about 400km or so away from where the car was) at some workshop. Within a few hours from getting that info, the car was recovered by the owner (and his mates of course) in one piece. Imagine how fast that took. No cop in Malaysia could do that I tell ya. At least not without bribing or getting some big shot to pull some strings. And all that would take at least a day or 2. This was done within half a day.

Its amazing. The power of Information Technology. Although in some cases its a pain with people suffering from defamation/slandering to black mail. But majority of the times its the best source to spread information without all the damn red tape and hurdles. Especially in the latest incident where a child's life was at risk. Thank god she was found so fast and unharmed. Can't imagine the trauma the parents and the the lil' girl faced. At least they are reunited now. Hope they manage to find the car and catch the 2 arseholes who did it. Sadly I doubt it with the state our cops are in. Sigh. Its getting really scary nowadays. Too many shit happening with no sense of security at all. We are becoming very close to a lawless nation. Well at least I feel that way.

Anyhoo, I better get back to work. G'nite folks and be careful. You never know when you would be targetted.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Why oh why are Malaysians such cheapskates?? I mean I'm sure its not just in Malaysia but I've been to a handful of countries and still feel we have about the cheapest people you can find (besides Singapore that is *wink*). People here don't seem to pass up anything that is free. Even if they don't freaking need it. I see this happening almost daily. In the supermarkets you see people actually lining up for free samples. Some to the extent of cutting line, pushing or using their children to grab more. I mean come on la people. Are we that poor a country or is there a famine going on which I wasn't aware about? This is not Somalia or North Korea. They have a justified reason.

Then we have the monkeys who haunt Open Houses during the festive season. These people have made it an art form I tell ya. Some even have the gall to bring their own tupperwares and what not to tah pao (doggie bag) as well as their maids to do the dirty/humiliating work. Imagine that these monkeys we are talking about are actually educated (to a certain extent that is), have a good paying job and most probably with multiple cars, a maid (or two) and a huge bungalow (not counting the 2 condos that they are renting out as well as their holiday home in Langkawi or Port Dickson). Yet they don't mind braving the traffic and cramped up with 100s of other cheapskates just to get some food which is most probably better at our neighbourhood mamaks/stalls. Its most probably cheaper as well to buy the food considering the petrol and time wasted at these open houses. If it was up to me, I rather they spend the money on these lavish open houses to feed the really poor and malnurished people of the world.

One thing for sure is how THICK these freeloaders must be. No sign of shyness or embarassment. Some are even proud of their takings. Jeeez. I mean I know getting something free is always good, but only take it when you need it. Not take it for the sake of it because at the end of the day its gonna be tossed in the garbage. Oh well, sorry for just rambling on. Just wanted to let it out as I've seen it happen recently and felt rather disgusted by it.

*Yaaawn* I think I'll hit the sack now. Its rather late and I'm starting to see stars. Toodles folks!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Damn today I felt like an addict. I had this huge craving for Slurpee and I couldn't lay still until I actually got it. Practically had to drive to about 3 7/11s @ 11pm before I managed to get my hands on one and boy was it worth the effort. Got myself the green colored one like in the picture attached. Think the flavour is Tutti Frutti. Yummylicious. Now my tongue is all green and I'm still recovering from massive brain freeze. Its been donkeys years since Slurpee was out and it still is an all time favourite. I actually stopped having them for years but all of a sudden I have these cravings. I'm still in search of the blue variety, think its called Moutain Breeze or something along those lines. Can't seem to find that flavour anywhere. It was the first flavour released in Malaysia when Slurpee was introduced by 7/11 (or at least it was the first flavour I had). Instead nowadays they have all sorts of weird flavours. The worst so far was Asam Boy (tamarind) which miraculously dissappeared after about 2 weeks on the market. I wonder what other flavours they would come out with. Durian? Mangosteen? Oh well, as long as they have Tutti Frutti on the market I'll be fine.

By the way, if anyone does find the blue colored Slurpee, please do inform me. Cheers...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

identity card...

Finally after 2 weeks since my wallet got stolen I managed to get my temporary identity card (IC). The whole freaking process took 4 hours! We reached Putrajaya around 1030am, got my number and by the time my number was called it was around 1230pm. Then after taking the pic I was done around 1pm but I had to get my temporary IC notorized. Just as expected my arse luck kicked in, damn department that notorizes are closed for lunch from 1pm to 2pm. So I had to waste my time hanging about at the cafeteria till they opened again. Can you imagine it took them about 30 minutes just to notorize my freaking temp IC. Jeeeez. Talk about speedy service. Wasted the whole day at the JPN office. Sigh. At least I got it done I guess. Supposedly Putrajaya is supposed to be the fastest way to get your IC but not anymore. I think people found out and now the place is packed just like the PJ or KL branches.

Luckily I had my mate with me to pass the time. Even he was shocked at the queue because previously when he brought other people there, things were done within 30 minutes or so, 1 hour the most. Hmmm maybe it was just my arse luck. During the whole 4 hours, we were the only ones fooling about. The rest were all so glum and pissed. I mean I know its long and tiring but at least make the best of it la. We had tonnes of weird stares and I'm sure some nasty comments but screw it. I would say it was an eventful day because at the end I still got my temporary IC and soon (well within 2 months or so i think) my official MyKad.

I am however still dissappointed on how slow it is to just make an identity card. Things like these should be done with ease. How can they expect people to spend a whole freaking day just to get their ICs done?! In the US when I had to get my State ID or Driving License, the max it took was about 20 minutes. I understand an hour but 4 freaking hours is too much especially with this day and age of information technology. Sigh. I wonder when things would catch up or at least the services would improve. Soon I have to go to JPJ and get my driving license. I hope that journey isn't gonna require a whole day. I'm running out of leaves to take!! =(

Friday, November 11, 2005

its been 2 years...

Wow time sure flies. Two years ago this day was when I joined my present company. Lots of changes have gone by and I'm still here under the same roof. Made many friends (some of whom have left) as well as a few enemies (can't really avoid them can i?). I am greatful to have gotten a job in this company as well as the progress I have made. I can't really complain much. People who know my history in this company would slap me even if I did. Lets just say I got on the right train and still haven't gotten off. Its interesting to see how things can change within 2 years but even better still is when some things NEVER change at all. Like how one of my mates put it, same shit different toilet. I know I know its a disgusting corelation but its spot on I tell ya.

I've learned alot of things in these past 2 years. Gained hellave alot from my colleagues, managers, customers and even the mamak stall people outside or the numerous places we go for our lunch and dinner. Mostly useful stuff but an occasional crap here and there. After all we tend to learn better from fuck ups right, whether it be ours or others. The thing that I find interesting is that even though I should be happy with what I have achieved so far, from time to time I'm not. Maybe its because I'm bored of what I do or maybe because there isn't any challenge anymore. It could just be time to move on to a different role with different hurdles. Then again there are times I don't want anything to change and get pissed when they do. Sigh. Will there ever be a balance? Or a sense of satisfaction? I guess not since that would make life rather dull.

Anyways I didn't mean to purge, just wanted to mention that its my 2nd year not only in this company but under the same project. To all that are in the same boat, Happy Anniversary and looking forward to more years to come. =)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

whoopie a badge!

Did you guys catch the papers the other day? About our great police force and their campaign to stop bribery/graft. I must say the commitee that came up with it must be some exceptional people. I wonder how many curry puffs, kuih lapis and mee goreng were consumed to come down to this remarkable solution. What the fuck were they thinking?! OMG. Wear a freaking badge as a cure against bribery?! Wow I'm sure this is gonna be one hellave campaign. Its worse than our Tak Nak campaign. And we all remember how successful that was. I see more smokers now than before! I guess those screwed up ads on the telly, papers and billboards were too much to handle. Got people all stressed out and shit and you know what happens when people get stressed out right. Light up a stupid ciggy and puff their life away.

So I guess these badges must have some secret powers. Whenever a cop accepts a bribe, do they shit in their pants? Or better still, maybe they turn inside out? Now that would be something worth seeing. C'mon la people. Wearing a fucking badge is not gonna stop bribery. Its not even going to make a dent into the whole issue. Its just a BADGE!! The cops wear a police badge don't they? Do you see them upholding the peace and safety? I've had friends who came from abroad and never saw a cop for their whole stay here. And I'm talking about a weeks stay or more. That itself is a testament of how screwed up things are here. All of them are too busy wolfing down curry puffs and drinking tea in their nice air conditioned rooms.

There is a much bigger issue here than bribery and wearing a damn badge. We should start with some control and ultimatums. If the cops actually DO THEIR WORK, I am sure we won't have to worry about bribery/graft. Its sad that I do not feel safe in my country anymore. At certain times we can actually be compared to countries like Somalia and Indonesia where crime is rampant. You can get robbed right outside your front door or have thieves have the cheek to lock you in your own house while they strip your car apart. Sigh.

If badges really did work, we would have stopped the spread of AIDS, eradicate drugs and last but not least, actually have world peace...

Monday, November 07, 2005

welcome back red devils...

Woo Hoo. Manchester United just whipped Chelsea in the butt. It was a terrific game and Chelsea could have come even or actually win it during the 2nd half but good ole Man Utd persevered. There were some great chances missed by the Devils as well but I ain't complaining since they got a win. Finally after a handful of miserable games. Maybe Roy Keane's nasty yet truthful comments did help. Gave the team a slap in the face and wake their asses up. Now at least they've proven that Chelsea IS BEATABLE! Hope they keep this up. We can't afford losing anymore especially during the Champions League. Can't be going home this season empty handed now. Its just not right.

Good going Red Devils!! Now I can have a good sleep. G'nite y'all.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

bandito pockett SUX...

What utter crap!! I just managed to get my hands on a KFC Bandito Pockett. KFC's answer to McD's Foldover (which is simply superb I must add). Sadly KFC fucked up yet again. Whomever that came up with the concept screwed up just like the KFC Curry Crunch. The pineapple salsa thingy is just not working folks. The Bandito Pockett is a hot & spicy 100 percent chicken fillet topped with pineapple salsa sauce, lettuce and mayonnaise, and specially wrapped in a tortilla flatbread into a handy little pocket. Now the idea sounds great, but don't be fooled. The pineapple salsa has this weird sweet taste which doesn't jive with the whole meal. I think I'll stick to the Foldover which never seem to fail except that now they are charging an extra 50 cents for more sauce. Damn these thieves. Daylight robbery I tell ya. Not like they pour a whole bucked of sauce or something for you. Just a lil dab extra and they want more money!

Anyhoo I just wanted to bitch about KFC's new product. Yet another screw up by them. I think they need to revamp their whole R&D team. Hire some people who actually know about food for once. Its been a long while since they came up with something new and original which actually sells. If I'm not mistaken it was the Zinger burger. Oh well, good luck KFC and to the rest of you, STAY AWAY FROM THE BANDITO POCKETT!!

You've been warned. Toodles.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


To all Hindus,

Happy Deepavali!!

May the Festival of Lights bring
Happiness your Way...

i'm tired...

Sigh. Never thought losing my wallet and mobile can be soo taxing. I haven't had the mood the last few days. Felt lost most of the time and also pissed. Couldn't get my IC done today because they ran out of numbers. Was told to come back after the 14th of November! Can you imagine? They want me to wait for 2 freaking weeks. My police report is only valid for that long. Arrgghh. Can't imagine why its that hard to make a freaking IC. Our country really needs to improve on our administration. Things like these should happen instantly. Delays of multiple weeks is totally unacceptable. Jeeez. We shouldn't have to fucking wait??!! Now I'm practically an imigrant in the eyes of many. I can't get my ATM cards just because I don't have an IC. Can't get my driving license. Can't apply for a loan or even a new credit card. Damn I even feel like an imigrant. Luckily Maxis accepted my Passport as proof of existence. If not I won't even be able to use my mobile.

I just got back from getting a new phone. Luckily I had backup of about 70% of my contacts in my PC. I managed to download everything to the new phone without any hiccups. I also managed to get everything with my car settled. Its been a loooong and tiring weekeend. I only hope I will be able to get my IC and driving license settled without any issues. Don't want this episode to drag on for months. Anyone out there with contacts in JPJ or JPN? Please do hook me up. Help a blogger out pleaseeee.

I think I'll hit the sack now. Tommorrow is Deepavali and we will be getting some visitors. Can't be all glum and sleepy now right. Take care folks and have a good week.