Thursday, November 05, 2009

high definition!

Finally decided to spend some money and get a high definition (HD) set up for the TV room. Been mulling about it for weeks now and just 2 weeks ago decided to get a gift for my dad and myself. ;)

Did some research and ended up with a 50' Panasonic Viera Plasma TV (TH-P50S10K). Wanted smaller but the old man insisted on 50' or bigger. Lucky too as 50' seems perfect for the TV room. After getting the TV I was itching to get a Sony PS3 but sadly I had to wait till 1st of November for it to be released (the slim version) in Malaysia. So it was 1 week of watching Astro and boy Astro doesn't really give you a good reason to get HD TV. It looks awful!

On the launch day I headed over to Sony Style at the Curve and got myself the PS3. Also got myself what must be the game of the year, Unchartered 2. Couldn't wait to get home and test it all out. Even loaned a copy of Transformers on BluRay from a colleague.

When it was all plugged in only one thing came to my mind. What took me so long?! Watching movies will never be the same again. The clarity, sharpness and audio quality simply amazing. Really brings out the potential of the Plasma TV. Now am itchy in collecting more BluRay movies like The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Star Wars collection.

Lets not forget the game. Unchartered 2 is really something else. The graphics are out of this world and the storyline really amazing. Keeps you wanting to play for hours. Which sadly isn't something I have the luxury of. :(

All and all am really satisfied with my investment even though I have burnt a big hole in my wallet. Now am looking towards getting a home theater speaker set. Whats the point of having HD video and no audio right? ;)