Sunday, June 29, 2008

lcd monitor...

Just got myself a new toy yesterday. Dad wanted to get me something for my birthday and he knew I was eyeing an LCD monitor. So voila! I now have a shiny glossy black 19" Samsung 943BWX LCD monitor. :D

It was a toss up between Samsung and View Sonic and due to reputation I decided to go for Samsung. They also come with 3 years warranty so thats comforting. Almost got a 22" as old man didn't mind but decided against it as it would be a waste considering my usage. But boy it was sweet looking. Would be great to watch movies or play games. ;)

Soon after getting back I transferred my current 17" CRT Samsung to my dad's rig as he has a 10 year old 15" Dell monitor. Yup it lasted for 10 freaking years! Its still running fine but since my CRT is newer and much clearer might as well use it. Am now looking for a recycling center so I can drop off the Dell.

Am still getting used to the LCD monitor. Its hard to find the right settings that will work with my eyes and in my room but I guess all in time. Did I mention everything looks sweeter on it? Hehe. Just played a game and damn what a difference.

Thanks old man for a great birthday gift! :D

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Damn I've been swamped lately at work. Been having 14 hour days and serious lack of sleep. Haven't read so many blogs or forums. Even skipped newspapers a handful of days due to rushing to work. Finally after 2 odd years of hoping, I got assigned with a new project.

Really looking forward to it but sadly with some lack of planning certain things have been rushed. On one side am frustrated due to the haphazard transition and unfair pressure but on the other side am happy for the challenge. It is tiring but hey better than the daily routine right? After a couple of months (okay maybe 6 months) it will all settle and I'll start bitching again that am bored. LOL.

Oh well, for now I'm actually happy to be home and able to hit the sack. Gonna savour this weekend and rest well. Next week the new team is coming in and longer days ahead. Happy weekend guys and pray Germany takes the cup! :D

Friday, June 27, 2008

final showdown...

Its the final showdown. Come Sunday (wee morning of Monday for us) we will know who the Euro 2008 Champions are. Will be it be Spaniars or the Germans?

Both sides have been playing great football. Sad though as I wanted Russia to head to the finals especially with their attacking flair. Would be great to see how they fare against the Germans. Kudos still to both Turkey and Russia. They pulled off some amazing upsets and played beautiful football. Bet nobody every thought they would make it past the group stages.

My money is on the Germans but the Spaniards have been playing well too. David Villa is out with an injury but they have capable subs to fill in. It'll definately be an interesting final. Hopefully chock full of goals just like the semis. ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

tournament of upsets...

Boy what a shocker Euro 2008 has turned out to be. Amazing comebacks and shocking upsets. Can only imagine how broke gamblers are and how rich bookies must be. Its so hard to predict an outcome of a game. Favourites crossed off the list and underdogs rising to the occasion.

Who would have thought that Turkey and Russia will be in the semifinals. Turkey with their amazing comeback from 2 down against Czech Republic to win it 3 - 2. Then Russia upsetting new tournament favourites the Oranje by 3 - 1! I wonder if one of them will make it to the finals.

My favourites this year, the Germans are still in the running. They face Turkey who is playing with a depleted team. They only have 13 fit players to choose from and most of those aren't part of the first 11. Good news I guess as it raises the chance of Germany reaching the finals. Although by the way the tournament is going, I wouldn't put it past the Turks to cause another upset.

One thing for sure is that Euro 2008 has been an amazing tournament. Hope the finals is between a powerhouse and an underdog. Least then we can look forward to a heated encounter. :D

Saturday, June 14, 2008

new favourites...

Looks like Euro 2008 isn't really going as how most predicted. Quite a handful of upsets and now 2 new favourites have emerged. Both Portugal and Netherlands have run riot over their competitors. The Dutch being the most entertaining by thrashing Italy in their 1st game and only moments ago humilating Les Blues.

Netherlands used to be my favourite team but somehow with all their talents they had teamwork issues. Ego and racism were rife and that hampered their glory. Gotta give it to Marco Van Basten for putting things in order. If they keep this up, they look to be unstoppable!

Portugal on the other hand were always a threat. This time around with red-hot Ronaldo and the others vying for new clubs, they are bound to be on fire. With the leadership of Scolari (soon to be Chelsea's new manager) I can't see them missing out on the finals unless of course another upset occurs. ;)

My vote is still on the Germans. Hope they bounce back against Austria. Sadly without Podolski but am sure Klose and Ballack will rise to the occasion.

Alrighty time to hit the sack. Yaaawwn. Gd'nite folks!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

first step...

Ok I have taken the first step. For years I have been dreaming thinking of going turbo, contemplating the cost and pros/cons. Few days ago I finally put pen to paper and scheduled Kate to go in 1st week of August.

The whole transformation is gonna take close to a month. Would be sad not to have a car that whole period. Guess I gotta tough it out till Kate is out. Least it'll be worth the wait. In the meantime I can enjoy my old man's ride. ;)

Am already hearing the blow off valve in my head. LOL. Damn can't wait I tell ya! :D

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

euro 2008...

Usually around this time we would be suffering from football withdrawal syndrome as the EPL season is over and it won't start again till August. Thankfully this year we have Euro 2008 which gives us a packed schedule throughout June.

This round the tournament is being jointly hosted by Switzerland and Austria. We are almost towards the end of Round 1 where the Oranje opened a can of whoop ass on the Azzurris, Podolski slammed 2 in for Germany to give them the win and France played the dullest game so far against Romania.

Overall the biggest surprise has to be the Dutch team who shocked Italy with a 3 nil scoreline. Been awhile since I've seen them play with such speed and flair. They were all over the Italians who are actually number 2 favourites to lift the cup.

I still feel that Germany will win it but Portugal and Holland have shown that they aren't letting it go without a fight. It looks to be an interesting tournament. Can't wait for the next game. Will Spain win against Russia? Will Greece rise to the occasion? Lets wait and see. ;)

Friday, June 06, 2008

it went up, so what?

Sigh. Whats the big fuss over the petrol hike? Yes I know it was a huge difference but then weren't we all expecting it? Was it worth causing multiple hours of traffic jams just to pump ya last tank of RM1.92 (per liter) petrol? Thats if you got to the pump before it supposedly 'finished'.

We should accept the fact that with the speculated pricing of crude oil worldwide the government will have to lower the subsidies to cope. They can't be sustaining it when its already US$138 per barrel! I would however agree that the way it was done is rather shocking. 78 sens a liter is a huge jump.

They should have at least increased it gradually over the months instead of big increments. Smaller yet more frequent changes would be easily acceptable. Least then we are ready and can plan ahead so to speak. I mean yes the public will still bitch about it but least the burden is slight wherelse now its rather evident.

On a positive note the goverment will be giving out rebates of RM625 per year for cars below 2000cc. However I wonder how its going to be implemented considering how half assed most of their plans are. Can't imagine post offices stocking up on cash for each road tax renewal. Guess we can only wait and see.

Oh well gotta make some lifestyle changes. No more joyrides to calm the nerves. No more waiting in the car for people. Gotta arrange more car pooling for drinking, futsal or makan sessions. Damn gotta stop flooring the pedal as well. Arrrgghhh. Then again, within 2 weeks, everything will be back to normal like nothing ever happened. LOL.

Cheers folks. Relax and have a nice coooooold stout! :D

Sunday, June 01, 2008

slow updates...

I know I know. Its been ages since I updated my blog. Failing my SLAs. Sorry folks. Been caught up with stuff here and there that I haven't had time to update on anything. I have a few pending on draft mode. Arrgghh.

Will be kinda slow for awhile but before you know it, I'll be back! ;)