Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what now?!

Arrggh what now?! I woke up yesterday to a hung desktop. Tried a cold start and it won't boot up. Disconnected the power cable and left it overnight. Just tried booting it but it won't start the sequence. Sigh.

Looks like its either my motherboard or my power supply. Don't have time to troubleshoot now. Gotta wait till the weekend I guess. Bummer. :(

Sunday, July 27, 2008

goodies for kate...

I haven't managed to check on Kate. I think now she would have her internals all out laid bare. I wanted to document the whole process and take pictures of every stage but sadly exhaustion got the better of me.

Work is taking its toll and every weekend I just want to bum the time away. Hate looking at the monitor at times cos that is ALL I do 15 hours a day! This weekend isn't any better as I have to provide reports every 3 hours. Arrrgghhh.

On a plus note, I had a nice chill out session with Sunshine at Old Town White Coffee. Yummy coffee and great company! After that we went to Sunway in hopes that Kakimotor will be open. I needed to get some gadgets for Kate before they wrap up the transformation. Thankfully they were and below are the goodies I grabbed. :)

First up an Apexi Auto Timer (black edition). Need this so that my baby can cool down after a run. Being a turbocharged car it the oil temperature can get crazy hot. A decent amount of idle time is needed before shut down so that the hot oil won't choke up the lines. Didn't want to be cheap for this so I got the best timer out there.

Next up was to get a gauge. This isn't something I really need as I'm having a fixed low boost setup but firstly its never too bad to have one, so you know if something is failing and lastly it looks freakin' cool! LOL. Gotta admit at times its nice to have gadgets in the car. Gives a sense of accomplishment as well as excitement.

There are a lot of gauges out there but I settled on the most important which is the Boost Gauge. Didn't really want to plonk down too much on this so I settled for the Taiwan made Auto Gauge. It looks good and it does the job. Now I just gotta figure out where do I place it for security purpose. Last I need is an ass smashing my glass to get hold of it!

Alrighty folks. Thats the lastest update for now. Cheerio...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

slow down...

My blogging has slowed down quite a bit. Not due to lack of content but more of being too caught up with work. I haven't even had time to read up on all my daily haunts. Lost touch with quite a few of em' and haven't had the time to do what I love to do, which is to chow down.

No time to try out new places or even go out to grab dinner. Everything is packed for me. Arrgggh. Getting fed up of fast food as well. Theres only so much burgers and pizza one can take ya know! :(

Hope things will slow down once we go live (tommorrow!) with the new project. Things are looking up and I foresee maybe another month of suffering before things are back to normal. Then again I've been told another project is coming in soon after. LOL.

Oh well. Guess its better than sitting idle right. I have after all been bitching about boredom for the last couple of years. ;)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

transformation time...

On Wednesday I received a call from Jeffrey at D'Pro. Their workshop has an opening and they want me to bring Kate in. As posted earlier I have decided to go for a bolt on turbo setup. I know I said it would be done early August but I decided what the heck. Might as well get Kate in now and get her back sooner.

So now am without a ride. Gotta share with my old man which isn't all that bad I guess. Least now I can roll in an 8th Generation Honda Civic. ;)

Will try to get pictures from time to time of the whole transformation process. Still haven't gone out to get the electronics, namely a boost gauge and a turbo timer. Guess I'll do that next weekend when I have some spare time on my hands.

Am missing Kate already. :(

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

killiney kopitiam at jaya one, pj...

Its been ages since I did my last food review. I have a handful pending actually but just haven't found the time to post em'. This post however is what I had for lunch just a couple of hours ago.

Killiney Kopitiam is a Singaporean kopitiam chain which was originally founded in 1919. Yup thats a long way back! I heard about this place a couple of years back where the only outlet I've seen was in Damansara Uptown. Unfortunately due to the poor parking situation there, I never managed to try this place out. This particular branch is located at Jaya One along Jalan University, PJ.

First up in any kopitiam is to try out their coffee. Sunshine and I both had Kopi Ais (RM2.50). It came in a nice tall glass and tasted pretty good. Not too sweet or too strong. A rather good start to the meal.

We both wanted something light so we decided on trying out their noodles. They looked really yummy in the menu. Sunshine settled on the Mee Rebus (RM5.80). When it came it smelled and looked good. Sadly though the moment she put it in her mouth, it all went downhill. The noodles were ok but the gravy was way below par. How can one enjoy noodles when its gravy isn't up to task? Think Nyonya Colors still serves the best mee rebus in town. At least cafe type mee rebus that is.

I wanted to try something new so I decided on the Singapore Katong Laksa (RM5.80). Just like Sunshine's noodles, it came looking yummy and rich. Sadly though thats about as good as it got. The soup, albeit rich in lemak flavor was too oily to enjoy. The only plus point was the tauhu pok which were fresh and crispy. I left half the noodles behind as I couldn't take the oily soup.

As an appetizer we ordered one set of Roti Bakar (RM2.30). Sadly though it came half way through our meal. What made it worse? The simplest of dishes turned out to be the worst I've ever tasted. Never thought anyone can screw this up but I guess theres always a first! The bread was stale while the kaya & butter didn't even taste like they should. We practically left half of it untouched. :(

This might be cos the place is new but I will never return to Killiney Kopitiam. They bastardized a simple dish like roti bakar. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. My road side mamak serves up a much better fare and 1/3 the price! :P

Killiney Kopitiam, D-6-1, Level 1, 55LG2, Block D, Jaya One, No. 72A Jalan Universiti, PJ.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

birthday weekend...

So what did I do during my birthday weekend? I had quite and eventful time actually. Started of with our mornin' futsal session. It was after a 3 week slumber so lots of energy to release. Had 12 guys so we were all over the place. After that retired home and chilled till dinner time.

Old man wanted to buy so we decided try out a new place. Ended up at RibLee's at Sri Hartamas. Didn't take any photos to review but I would definately recommend this place. Great ambiance, friendly staff and yummy selections of pork ribs! Plus they have Weihenstephan on offer which is a German beer that comes from the oldest brewery in the world. Really good stuff! *hic*

After dinner I headed to town with the boys. We ended up at The George and Dragon pub in Bangsar Shopping Center. The main reason was to try out their Strongbow cider. The last time we went over they were out of stock so luckily this time around they had some. It tasted like Anglia Shandy to me. Which is good I guess cos easier to take down but you won't know what hit you if you don't slow down. Can ask Devan to verify that. LOL. Its actually nicer to mix it with Stout so for my 2nd pint I had what they called 'Poor Man's Black Velvet'. Half Guinness Stout and half Strongbow cider. Damn now that tasted like a drink. The Guiness helps numb down the sweetness to give that extra kick. We chilled at the bar till late and headed home to crash.

The next day started off slow. Got up late and bummed the afternoon away. At night it was Sunshine's turn to spoil me. Hehe. We headed to Mid Valley for dinner. Tried out this place called Cova at the Gardens. Once again no pics for review as was busy enjoying the moment. All I can say is that I'll definately return to Cova as their food/drinks were fresh, affordable and yummy! After the lovely dinner we both walked about Gardens and then Mid Valley waiting for Hancock to start. Rather disappointing movie. After the movie ended, Sunshine and I just hung out till late and then retired home around 5ish.

So thats all folks. A great birthday weekend for me! :D

PS. I got my first Raoul shirt from Sunshine for my birthday. Even wore it on the 3rd of July to show off. Hehe. :D

Thursday, July 03, 2008

29 already?!

Guess what folks? Today I turn 29! Yup 1 year away from the BIG 30, as most of my mates seem to comment. Sadly am tied down with a new project and don't even have time to enjoy my own birthday cake! :(

Thanks to all who wished, sang and joked. Means a lot to me. Hope I'll have a good day today with lots of prezzies. Hehe. G'nite folks! :D