Monday, March 26, 2007

new hobby...

Finally after mulling about it for a week I have decided to venture on a new hobby. Was looking for something to pass my time and was always fascinated with aquariums. Always wanted one of my own but usually either too lazy or or just lost track of the idea. Somehow now is a better time than any for me to venture into this especially with the plethora of tank sizes, fishes and gears out there.

Have to admit that am not gonna be hardcore. Am aiming for a simple tank setup. Yes I know you can have wonderful tanks with beautiful plants and colorful fishes. Sadly knowing the type of person I am (ie. LAZY), I rather do something I know I can manage. Already got myself a nano tank with a light and filter. Gonna get some gravel and the necessary chemicals for the water later.

Plan is to have some java fern and java moss and a pirate ship. The pirate ship is more for my niece. Something to excite her, plus I have to admit I kinda like it too. Blame it on the Toys R US kid in me. Hehe. Then once the tank has cycled, am gonna get a school of Lambchop Rasboras with a school of Boraras Maculatus and some Red Cherry Shrimp (love to see these lil buggers roaming about). Now the choice of fishes might change as I go along but these seem to be the best bet since I need some hardy fishes.

Wish me luck folks! =)

Below are some pictures of really beautiful nano tanks with plants and fishies. If only I can get mine to look like that.

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