Friday, November 14, 2008

hbx springbok-x...

I couldn't wait. It was bothering me day and night. I just had to get one! So today I went down to Ikano Power Center and into RC Planet. Looked around a bit at all the options and finally settled on what I was planning to get. A grey/orange HBX Springbok-X 4WD Truggy which cost me RM399.

It was actually a toss between this and a 1/10th scale Kyosho Lazer ZX5 which cost RM850. Uha. 2 times the price. Decision was down to the fact that I won't be playing this much and more like to pass time and release tension. Hence would be wise not to plonk down too much money into it. Hehe.

Haven't fully played the truggy yet but the test drive at the shop was amazing. Didn't expect it to run that fast. Worth the money I would say especially for a part time hobby. Can't wait for tommorrow when I can tear it up outside. :D

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Excaliber said...

u shud hav cop Knight Rider