Sunday, March 01, 2009

time flies...

Wow time sure flies! Its been one whole month since I last blogged. Damn. The new project has really eaten up my time. Don't even read blogs as much. Oh well its our bread and butter right.

Lemme see if I can give a summary of what has happened. The new account is still chugging along. Ever so slowly but least in an upward trend. ;)

Went to 2 wedding dinners. My primary skool mate Vincent got married yesterday while my ex colleague Vixstarr had his last week in Penang. Sunshine and I made an overnight road trip. Hella tired I tell ya but I promised Vick ages ago that I wouldn't miss it.

Other than that nothing much really. My remote control car is collecting dust. So is my PSP and NDS. Just don't have the time. Whatever free time I have is spent with Sunshine, Astro Max or sleeping. LOL. Never appreciated sleeping so much before.

Now I am in the works of sending Kate in for Stage 3. Just did an oil change and was planning it with my tuner. Most probably mid March I'll drop her in. Gonna take about 5 days or so. Expecting around 30% gain. So am really looking forward to that. :D

Alrighty then. Time to leave the damn office. Got called in last minute to do some research over poor performance. Arrgghh. Really can't wait for this account to settle down. Need a LOOOOONG break I tell ya.

Cheerio folks!

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Loganimal said...

dude, VINCENT HO got married? SHeet..guess it's that time..

Sorry we couldn't meet when I got back. It's was too fkin short anyways, and you sound busy =]

Time. For. You. To. Come. To. Seoul!

Weather is awesome, before it gets hot =]