Saturday, August 01, 2009

yummy gadgets...

I sold the Sony PSP for a reason. I was trying to pool as much moolah as I can for my new interest. What now right? LOL. Well this time its about getting something for my room. Most times when am free, I'm stuck in my room without anything to do. Being in an IT line the last thing I wanna do is go online. Then Dad and Mom each occupy both the TVs in the house so thats out of the question.

Hence I decided to get an LCD TV and console for my room. Two days ago I headed over to Best Denki at Tropicana City Mall near my house and got myself a Philips 32' LCD TV for RM1799. This unit came with 3 HDMI and 1 USD inputs. Very useful especially when I found out the USB input supports AVI files. That saves me the time of finding a media player or setting up my console to playback the movie files. ;)

Then I drove straight to Gamer's Solution at City Bazaar, KL to get my Xbox 360 Go Pro Edition for RM1450 which came with 12 games. Reason I settled for Xbox was due to the fact that I could get Jack Sparrow games. I know I know I should support the developers. Sadly I don't have the moolah to be buying games monthly at that cost.

Got back home. Got a shelling from my mom for wasting money. Then proceeded to set it all up in my room. Boy what joy I tell ya. Felt like a kid again. The LCD TV is simply amazing especially when playing Xbox games. Very impressed with the clarity and real life graphics.

Love the fact that the controller is now wireless. No more messy cables and restriction on sitting right in front of the console. Now I can just sit back on my bed and play some games or catch a movie. :D

Even my old man and niece are impressed and they want to hang out in my room now! LOL.

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