Tuesday, May 03, 2005

grilled chicken foldover...

I finally managed to get my hands on McD's latest which is the Grilled Chicken Foldover. Saw my mate eating it about a week back and have been craving for it ever since. Its good to see McD adding some new items on their menu. My all time favourite is of course the Prosperity Burger (which comes around during Chinese New Year). If only they could have that on the menu all year round.

Back to the grilled chicken foldover. Basically its a piece of flatbread with 2 grilled chicken patties, some tomatoes and greens and topped with some garlicky mayo sauce. It seems to be the healthiest item they have. It taste pretty good too except I would have liked more sauce on it, but thats just me. Its a great change from the usual greasy burgers with fries. Reminds me of the Greek gyros which was my all time favourite meal in the US.

I wouldn't mind heading to McD's again just to get the foldover but I'm a bit disappointed with the price (RM6.50 just for the foldover). Then again I'm disappointed with all of their pricings. None of em' really justified. Fast food in other countries are meant to be cheap and fast but somehow its the opposite in Malaysia. Its cheaper and at times much faster to get a plate of fried kway teow or chicken rice than heading over to Burger King or KFC. Much more satisfying as well. Sadly at times you just have the craving for a Big Mac and there isn't anywhere else that sells it except McD's!

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MooPig said...

I think McD in Malaysia is cheap.. when compared to UK. But then again.. everything in UK is expensive.

1 Large meal is... £5-ish (if I'm not wrong) I hardly take McD here- it's cheapest to cook at home (and healthier too!) :P