Monday, May 30, 2005

revenge of the sith...

Aahhhh finally I got to watch Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith last night. Been waiting for a long time for the episode that ties everything together. I must say it was a pretty decent effort this time around, compared to Episode 1 and Episode 2. It was sad to see all the Jedis being killed especially by one of their own. George Lucas is an amzing director. To weave such a story with tonnes of characters and action. Throughout the series my favourite is of course Master Yoda but there was another character that I thought was cool in Episode 3 and that is none other than General Grievous. I love how they managed to make him move, cough and fight. The fluidity (if its even a word) of the movements were simply amazing.

Went to Amcorp Mall today and saw some of the toys, figurines and gadgets they had for sale. from Star Wars. They had the lightsaber (which cost RM600 plus!), figurines from the movies and even Darth Vader's mask with a built in voice changer. The mask cost RM180 and 2 of my mates are gonna get it. Can't wait cos I'm curious of how it will sound and if anyone can even put it on. If only I could afford the figurines because the detail on each of them are astounding and they have all the characters. You could replay the whole movie in your bedroom if needed.

Attached below are the top 3 characters of Episode 3. Interesting images I found online via google.

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