Wednesday, October 12, 2005

mp3 player...

I'm in search for a brand new MP3 player. Flash type that is and not too big. Sadly my budget isn't much to shout about and I ain't falling for ciplak (crappy) China made stuff. Although they are dirt cheap. Been bugging a few friends to help me find some jalan to get it as cheap as possible. Few brands are in my mind right now. Iriver, Creative or Samsung. Would really love to get the new Sony thumbdrive size thingy but its way off my budget. Don't feel justified paying so much for something I don't think I will use all that much. Sigh. Hope to get one before next weekend when I have to do some extra work in office and would really NEED it. The MP3 player will help kill of the silence and boredom of being the only soul around. From the looks of things I don't think I'll meet the deadline but I ain't giving up.

Sigh its sad how much money we waste on all these toys. I just laid down quite a bit for a new digicam. Thankfully I'm not that huge of a gadget freak. I do love em' but I don't have to own them. I know some people who have one of everything and the best as well. Imagine walking around with an Ipod, HP Ipaq, Sony K750i, Sony PSP and a thumbdrive. All that crap dangling everywhere and bogging you down. Me on the other would love to leave my mobile behind. Hate lugging stuff around no matter how light or small it is. Anyways I'm talking crap. Didn't really know what to blog about so decided to just dump whats on my mind. Wish me luck in getting my MP3 player. If you feel like you can always donate some moolah to me to increase my budget. *wink*

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