Sunday, October 30, 2005

what a f**ked up day...

Sigh. My arse luck has hit an all time high. One moment of weakness and I get screwed royally. For the first time in playing futsal with my office mates I brought a bag and left my car keys, wallet and handphone inside and guess what happens?! The freaking bag gets stolen right before me. We only played like 15 minutes before I realised my bag was gone. There was a church tournament going on and lotsa of people around, didn't except it to be unsafe. Luckily I noticed it earlier so the car was still there. If we kept playing like usual for 1 hour plus, the car itself could have gone missing. Sigh. I feel so naked now. Everything personal is gone. My documents (IC and driving license), some momentos in the wallet, my lovely handphone with all the contacts and my freaking car remote. Do you know I just changed my alarm the day before? Damn. Now I gotta go find a replacement remote. The money loss is something I can forget, but all the personal stuff. Arrgghhh. There is no way in hell I am gonna get it back and I am sure that arsehole of a thief ain't gonna keep it. Its most probably lying in some dumpster rotting away. Fuck You whoever you are. Hope you get into a bad accident and suffer for the rest of your life.

Now I most probably have to take leave on Monday and spend the whole freaking day fixing the mess up. Gotta get new IC, new phone, new ATM card and fix my car's keys since he has a set now. All this just before Deepavali as well. Arrgghh. I even saw an arsehole hanging out near our stuff, didnt' think much of it because lots of people around checking the games that were being played. Am so angry with myself now because I saw the culprit but didn't expect the theft. Even one of my office mates lost his new mobile which cost like RM1500. He only had it for like 2 months. After the incident we were told that the guy has stolen from there before. Regular port for him it seems. Why the fuck didn't the owner post something up if he was regular?! Jeeeeez. We are regular players in that Futsal court as well!!

I can't really blame anyone but myself. Shouldn't have been so careless. I usually lock my phone and wallet in my car. Can't even imagine why I did not today. So damn pissed right now and tired as well. Been out killing off my credit cards and ATMs, making a police report (took an hour just for that) and also reprogramming my car's remote. Am really greatful I had my mates with me till late evening. Felt bad because we stopped a great game we were having as well as wasted their Saturday. Sigh. I think I'll just retire for the day. Too pissed to do anything else actually.

You guys have a good night and always be wary of your surroundings. It ain't safe out there. It never is. Cheers.

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