Monday, October 02, 2006

india trip...

Its been too long since I came back. Kinda forgot all I wanted to rant about. LOL. Anyways I'll just spew out whatever I can recall.

Firstly India was definately NOT what I expected. Thought it would be more modern but was sadly mistaken. No insult intended as I know its backwards because the fucking politicians just enjoy the money for themselves. Its just sad that a country with so much potential is stuck in a rut. Only time will tell I presume or maybe someone as influential as Indira Gandhi crops up. Problem is whoever it is will be assasinated. LOL. Too many enemies out there trying to keep their comfortable life in check.

During this trip we manage to get alot done albeit extremely tiring and hours and hours on the damn bus! Freaking 120kms take about 4 hours. Arrggghh. The agony. Firstly we conquered all the typical tourist spots. The Taj Mahal. Agra Fort. Amber Fort. Lotus Temple. Rose Garden. Indira Gandhi Memorial. Ganges River. River Beas. Rock Garden. India Gate. Hmmm can't recall if theres anymore but we practically covered all the locations we visited. Our trip was from Delhi to

Then we had the highlands trip which covers Shimla, Kullu and Manali. Here we managed to ride the Toy Train to Shimla. See apple trees and eat dirt cheap sweet crunchy apples in Manali. Got to head up Rohtang Pass which was one hellave experience. We had to ride up in ponies to as high as 3978m. There was supposed to be snow but it wasn't cold enough, we only managed to get slush. The coldest at that time was about 2 Celcius. We were freezing our ass off as most of us didn't have the right gear. Brrrrr. Thank god for a hot cup of brew coffee sold by the natives right up top. Hehe.

As expected besides the sights we gotta enjoy the food. After all whats a vacation without filling ya tummies with all the local goodies. We made sure though that we ate in decent restaurants or hotels as we didn't wanna get diarrhea as well as drinking only bottled water. Plus point is you could find bottled water almost all over India. We had tonnes of yummy stuff like briyani, chapatti, tandoori, naan, dosai, idli, uppuma and all sorta curries and vegetables. The best I must say is their veggies as they were always fresh and wonderfully cooked. They maintain the crunchyness as well as sweetness. Not like over here where most are just overcooked and have lost all identity. We also managed to taste some local beer which isn't all that bad, some good mango and pomegranate juices and simply delightful masala tea.

Overall I would say its a good one time experience. Don't think I will be heading there again except maybe to visit Goa or Kerala. Thats about it. I'd skip the rest of the South since I couldn't even digest the North properly which is supposed to be so much better. Guess certain culture differences is hard to accept plus I'm kind of a bitchy traveller. Hehe.

I'll be posting some pictures up later on. Damn thing doesn't seem to work right now. I have about 300 plus of em but don't expect me to have all of them up. Toodles folks...

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