Thursday, April 19, 2007

1 officially gone...

Ahh after researching online, bitching to $1 and observing my tank, looks likes the skeletal remains wasn't signs of a dead shrimp. They were just molting. Found more skeletal remains after that and the shrimps still running about happily. Phew. Molting supposedly is a good sign as the shrimps are healthy enuff to grow bigger.

Sadly though, woke up this morning to a cooked shrimp. A definate sign of a dead shrimp. Sigh. So now am left with 3 Cherry shrimps and 1 Tiger shrimps. =(

On a positive note, the fishies seem to be alive and happy. Got 1 who is pretty shy and hides all the time while the other 2 are hyperactive. Chasing one another and zooming about in the tank. Won't be adding any more fishies or shrimps for another couple of weeks at least. Want the tank to mature and ensure this lot survives.

Ok dokie. Back to work...

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