Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 resolutions...

Surprisingly this year am not really into having resolutions. Haven't put any thought to it but just for the sake of it I have decided on the few below. Some of which seem to be a life long resolution. Hehe.

1. Lose weight (85kgs is too much, gotta knock of at least 5kgs!).
2. Buy a house (I freakin' better get a house this year!).
3. Progress in my career (looking for more challenges & money of course).
4. Work on Kate (am thinking of going turbo).
5. Go overseas with Sunshine (maybe Bali or Gold Coast).

Alrighty then. Wish me luck!


wEtwEtwAtEr said...

By the way, what model is Kate?

Turbo? Sounds cool! But that's alot of $$!

Then again, it depends on how fast you want to go.

Cheers! All the best!

sbd18 said...

Shes a Perodua MyVi. In desperate need of Turbo. Hehe.