Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Who is Kate? Well this is loooong overdue. My baby is already 2 years old and I have yet to name her. Time seem to have just flown by. Anyways she finally has a name and its Kate. Now all of the names I picked for my cars have relation to something, be it comics (Betty) or after my dog (Max). This time around its after a character from the TV series Lost.

Just like in the series my baby is sexy, strong, agile and independent. Hehe. This time around its going to be a long term investment. Don't think with the current changes in our automotive policy that I can afford to sell or trade her in the future. So far I've gotten her nice shoes, leathered her up, put in a sweet sound system and gave her a nice growl.

Next up would be some new brake discs, fully adjustable suspension and a nice wax job. Am gonna take real good care of Kate. Then again I always did take care of my cars even if I only had it for a few months. Still my one and only prized asset. =)

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poopie said...

hey how come no credit to the-one-who-suggest-names-to-your-cars? I am quite sure I mentioned a Kate! ;P