Monday, August 11, 2008

football season is back!

Woo Hoo. No more bored weekends. Good ole EPL is back. The Red Devils opened the season yesterday with a win against Pompey for the FA Community Shield. Granted it wasn't a winning goal but penalties instead but hey, we can't have em' all right?!

This looks to be an interesting season with so many of the clubs spending big bucks bringing in talented players. Deco, Samir Nasri, Jo, Bosingwa, Luka Modric and maybe even Robinho or Pavlyuchenko. Unfortunately our boys have been rather quiet in the market. We seriously need a killer striker to work off Rooney or Tevez but sadly none in sight yet. Talks are going for Berbatov which in my opinion isn't suitable but I don't think that deal will go through especially with Spurs asking for 30 million pounds!

All through the break there were rumours of Ronaldo wanting out to join Madrid. Fortunately hes decided to stay put for this season. Hopefully he'll give us one more good year and then he can get lost. Didn't like how the whole saga came about and was handled. Yes overplayed by the press and Madrid but also Ronaldo should have stepped up to quieten it down. Instead he actually ate off the coverage. Oh well I guess when you have a big head what else can you do right?!

Three new clubs are in the Premiership this season. We have the Tigers, the Potters and the Baggies. My money is on Hull City who qualified with the help of our very own Frazier Campbell. Hopefully he can help us out this year up front. Okay enuff ranting. Let the season begin. Hope the boys will be able to start off with a win. First game is against the Magpies. Should be a tough fight.

Glory glory Man United!

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