Monday, August 04, 2008

transformation updates...

I missed out last week but I promised myself I wouldn't skip this weekend. On Sunday I headed to D'Pro with my mate Remy to check on Kate.

She was looking fine as ever. One thing about D'Pro is that they have a spotless garage. Really makes a difference in my opinion. The car was without any oil stains or marks. Apart from some dust it was like how I left her.

She wasn't really done yet. No intercooler or air intake. Only thing done were the piston kit upgrade as well as the manifold and turbine.

The yummy stainless steel manifold. *droooool*. Can't wait for it to be red hot. :D

Can't really see from this angle but its the turbine. Small IHI RHF 4 ball bearing turbo. Tried to get a good angle but the frame and radiator was in the way.

According to Jeffrey it'll be up and running by Friday. I seriously doubt it but its good news nevertheless as its 1 week faster than planned. He hasn't started the engine yet so hope it runs without any issues. Gotta keep my fingers crossed!

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