Wednesday, January 21, 2009

work work work...

Work work work. That is all I am involved in right now. Practically 12 to 15 hours daily am in the office fighting fires, calming oceans or just running around like a headless chicken. LOL. Sounds funny I know but not a life I would like to lead in the long term. Poor blog is getting neglected as well. :(

Sigh. Good news is we are finally live. No more transitional crap. Now just to focus on making the team meet their performance requirements. Its gonna be a steep hill to climb but as always we will prevail and get there.

Yaaawn. Damn feel so sleepy nowadays. Body is shouting for more shuteye. Just gotta down the Nescafes and move along. Guess before you know it things will be calm again. One thing to look forward to is when that time comes am gonna apply for a nice looooooooooong leave. :D

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