Friday, January 16, 2009

reflection on 2008...

Time sure flies doesn't it. Its already mid January of 2009. Had some spare time and was going through my resolutions for 2008 and realised I met most of them.

1. Lose weight (85kgs is too much, gotta knock of at least 5kgs!).
- Didn't really lose much but as of now I am 84kgs. LOL. So least 1kg right? Lowest I manage to drop to was 83kgs before I piled it back on during Deepavali. :(

2. Buy a house (I freakin' better get a house this year!).
- Another year goes by and I have yet to find a house. There were 2 ideal ones but only found out it was for sale after it was sold! Sigh.

3. Progress in my career (looking for more challenges & money of course).
- This part has really come true. Am now in charge of 2 major accounts and have gotten a decent increment to boot. :D

4. Work on Kate (am thinking of going turbo).
- Finally plopped a BOT on Kate. Am sure you guys have read about it here.

5. Go overseas with Sunshine (maybe Bali or Gold Coast).
- Didn't get to go overseas but least managed a few holidays. Guess at the way time is flying more than happy to even get a holiday in! :D

Thats like 3.5 outta 5. Not bad I must say. For this year I don't think I am gonna bother about resolutions. Time just doesn't permit it. Should just be happy in living life and progressing. No matter how slow that may be. ;)

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