Friday, May 08, 2009

devils whoop some arse!

Did you guys catch the game earlier? Don't cha think that is what CHAMPIONS are made of? Muahahahaha. The boys tore the Gunners a new one in their home turf.

What an amazing display of football! In barely 20 minutes we were into the finals of the UEFA Champions League. The poor young'uns were shell shocked and drained of any spirit they had going into the 2nd leg.

If only the Red Devils can play like this till the season is over. That would definately guarentee a historical season with the prized quadruple of trophies. Only downside was poor Fletcher getting booked unfairly. After all his hard work this season hes gonna miss the best game of his life. :(

Who will you be rooting for tommorrow? Am hoping Barca will kick some Blues butt. Least then we can look forward for a true Champions League final in Rome come 27th May 2009. The battle between Ronaldo and Messi. ;)

Glory glory Man United!

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