Sunday, May 17, 2009

number 18...

Woo Hoo! The Red Devils are officially British Premier League's 08/09 Champions. All you playa haters out there can just suck it. There ain't nothing you can say now. Dear Benitez please don't be such a sour puss. Better luck next time I guess. ;)

Now we are at number 18, another season and Liverpool can shut their traps for good. Am sure it will be one hellave season next year. Can't wait to see how hot the transfer market is gonna be. Hope Tevez remains a Red Devil but things aren't looking that good. :(

Anyways kudos to the boys for a wonderful season. Hold the celebrations though as we have one more cup to lift to cap off an historical season. Come 27th May 2009 the Red Devils are gonna bring it to Rome. Think its going to be a smashing game. :D

Glory glory Man United!

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