Tuesday, November 01, 2005

i'm tired...

Sigh. Never thought losing my wallet and mobile can be soo taxing. I haven't had the mood the last few days. Felt lost most of the time and also pissed. Couldn't get my IC done today because they ran out of numbers. Was told to come back after the 14th of November! Can you imagine? They want me to wait for 2 freaking weeks. My police report is only valid for that long. Arrgghh. Can't imagine why its that hard to make a freaking IC. Our country really needs to improve on our administration. Things like these should happen instantly. Delays of multiple weeks is totally unacceptable. Jeeez. We shouldn't have to fucking wait??!! Now I'm practically an imigrant in the eyes of many. I can't get my ATM cards just because I don't have an IC. Can't get my driving license. Can't apply for a loan or even a new credit card. Damn I even feel like an imigrant. Luckily Maxis accepted my Passport as proof of existence. If not I won't even be able to use my mobile.

I just got back from getting a new phone. Luckily I had backup of about 70% of my contacts in my PC. I managed to download everything to the new phone without any hiccups. I also managed to get everything with my car settled. Its been a loooong and tiring weekeend. I only hope I will be able to get my IC and driving license settled without any issues. Don't want this episode to drag on for months. Anyone out there with contacts in JPJ or JPN? Please do hook me up. Help a blogger out pleaseeee.

I think I'll hit the sack now. Tommorrow is Deepavali and we will be getting some visitors. Can't be all glum and sleepy now right. Take care folks and have a good week.

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