Tuesday, March 28, 2006

i want my psp!

Arrggghh. Suddenly I have this huge craving/urgency to get my hands on a PSP. Not really sure why and how it came about but I need one!!! Thankfully I have the budget for it but what model to get is pissing me off. Do I get parallel imports or Sony Malaysia models? Do I get version 1.5 or the latest 2.6? Does it even matter? Sigh. Decisions decisions. Parallel imports sounds good because I can save about RM200 but these don't come with a warranty. So if my arse luck kicks in (like usual), I'll be stuck with a dead unit in no time. The Sony Malaysia ones are protected but these models are much more expensive as well as made in China. So the quality is a lil' on the down side. Then there is the firmware versions. If I wanna play free games I gotta get the 1.5v but that is like buying a diamond. Its extremely rare and the price has even reached that of a Sony Malaysia unit. Theres also the problem of not being able to play some of the latest games. Sigh. What to do?! What to do?!

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