Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sigh. What a miserable Sunday this has been. All must have started last night when we had some sup kambing for supper. Slept around 4am. All hell broke lose when I woke up around 9am. Started purging. That followed by vomitting. Whatever I had last night came out. This continued on for hours till everything calmed down. Tried my best to sleep through it all. Its a bit more calm now but I can still feel my tummy churning. Think I'm gonna avoid the sup kambing for awhile. Wasted a whole day because of it.

Worse thing out of all this is I missed my uni mate's wedding lunch. Was looking forward to it as I would have gotten the chance to catch up with my other uni mates. Sigh. Feel really bad. Think I better hit the sack now. Still don't feel good. G'nite all.

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excaliber said...

tell more about the pooping, after all, this is the Poop Shoot, right? :)