Monday, March 10, 2008

tank updates...

As promised pictures of my tank below. Just added 4 Cherry Barbs yesterday bringing the total to 7. Happy to see all of em' swimming about.

While they were chowing down I manage to count my shrimps and got a total of 24. Not bad considering I had 12 to start with. Looks like many of the shrimplets survived. :D

Think I gotta add more plants. Not really sure what type though. At times also afraid as plants need a lot of care. Only ones I can consider are hardy ones which don't need CO2 or fertilisers. Gotta research more I guess. Time to head to work. Adios.


'nyau said...

Nice nano you have there. Your Java fern seems to make the 'ship wreck' look like a sampan wreck :) If you not so busy, tie a bit of Java moss inside your ship wreck, then it looks more natural. Stack the rocks under the ship, then when the moss within the ship grows, it'll make nice hiding places for your shrimplets.

sbd18 said...

Hey thanks for your compliment and idea. Will surely try it out once I have the time. Need to source for more Java moss.