Saturday, March 29, 2008

now what?!

Errm this is gonna sound stupid funny. Its been almost 2 years since I sold off my piano black Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) due to financial reasons. Soon after that I invested in a Nintendo DS Lite and never looked back. I have been playing with it over and over. It accompanies me when I travel, when I visit the throne or whenever I got time to kill.

Recently however I started researching about Sony PSP and how far it has come. Some of you might be aware that Sony released a slimmer and lighter version called Sony PSP Slim & Lite. It does have a few upgrades like video-out function, faster load times, nicer colors as well as a handful of firmware based upgrades like Skype, GPS and camera add on capabilities. On top of that they are packed with games that I wished I played on PS2 but didn't have the time.

With that I started getting itchy again especially after selling off my PS2 on Thursday and so this afternoon I headed down to Gamers Solution at City Bazaar, KL and got my hands on a brand new Felicia Blue (Blume Series) Sony PSP Slim. :D

Damn the games are awesome! I know I know. You guys would be wondering what next?! LOL. G'nite folks.

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