Sunday, May 04, 2008

mj cafe n restaurant at jaya 33...

The recent rain storms have put a real damper on dinner during work days. As we have only 1 hour to grab a meal, we can't really go far. So when it rains many places that we frequent (stalls mostly) are off the list.

Recently we have Jaya 33 as an option. Sadly though all the restaurants are mid level or higher so its not ideal for daily meals. However Sunshine and I stumbled upon a place right at the back called MJ Cafe N Restaurant. Its reasonably priced offering typical mamak/kopitiam/economical western food.

First we ordered our drinks and I tried their cold cham aka yin yong aka coffee mix tea (RM2.20) while Sunshine just had warm water (RM0.50). The cham had a good mixture and tasted rich enough.

When it came down to food we were both famished. So we wanted some rice. I went with the Pineapple Fried Rice (RM7.90). It came with a nice fried egg on top. The garnish of pineapply slices and cucumbers were sad as their were all dried up. God only knows how long it has been sitting out. The rice itself was pretty good. Not typical Thai style but good enuff. There were alot of yummy pineapple bits inside which gave a nice flavor.

Sunshine wanted something spicy so she went for their Thai Fried Rice (RM6.50) which wasn't really spicy. It did have a nice sourish taste though which she liked. Accompanying the fried rice was stir fried chicken cooked in soy sauce. It was alright I guess. Something different.

Overall a reasonable place to visit whenever it rains or we get bored of the regular fare. Only downside would be parking, a typical Jaya area issue.

MJ Cafe and Restaurant
PG-12, Ground Floor, Jaya 33, No. 3, Jalan Semangat, Section 13, 46200 PJ, Selangor.

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