Tuesday, July 14, 2009

restoran taiping ho chiak...

This is a rather old post, since October last year if I am not mistaken! Time just flew after the new account came in and I kinda slowed down on my blogging. So am gonna give a brief one below instead of wasting the pictures.

Restoran Taiping Ho Chiak is located very near the ex Ruby Theater in Sea Park, PJ. Its down along KFC which should be a well known landmark for that area.

The decor inside is very Baba Byonya'ish in my opinion and gives a rather homely feeling to the place. At the time was around 2pm so it was rather quiet.

It was the start of the day for us so Sunshine and I had the White Coffee (RM3.00) which tasted okay but I would still prefer Old Town's to this.

For starters we had the Taiping Popiah (RM3.60). This was rather yummy. Not too oily and had a very good crunch to it. Not to mention the filling was really good. The only drawback was the chilli sauce that came with it was rather diluted and tasteless.

I had the Nyonya Curry Mee (RM5.90) which came smelling fragrant. The soup is rather thick which is how I like it but some might find it overpowering. It came with nice quantity of ingredients like Tau Foo Pok, lady fingers and bean curd skin. Only thing missing would be the cockles but I think for health reasons was left out. The soup was rich and yummy. :D

Sunshine had her favourite Prawn Mee (RM6.90) but sadly did not come up to her standards. I don't think its easy to sell prawn mee so it doesn't surprise me that they failed to meet the mark. The soup was rather watered down but as a plus point it did come with reasonable amount of ingredients.

All and all this place did show some promise. There were other interesting items on the menu but sadly haven't had the time to return and try it out. Hopefully one of these days will stop over for lunch again. I end the post a picture of their cute toothpick dispenser. Cheers.

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