Sunday, July 19, 2009

red devils asia tour 2009...

On 14th January 2009, Manchester United FC announced their Asia Tour 2009 whereby they will be stopping over in Kuala Lumpur mid July to play Malaysia XI. Since we lost the chance to see them live last year the moment that was announced I was waiting eagerly for the tickets to be sold.

So when ProEvents started selling them from 1st June, I made sure I got mine within the first week or so. Thankfully so since it was practically sold out by mid month except for the crummy seats. The seats I really wanted was sold out within a couple of days! Arrgghh.

Anyhoo I got my tickets and I made plans with Sunshine to head there early since its free seating.

This was around 2pm. Not many people in yet although a crowd did build up outside. The game was scheduled for 5.30pm. Most people were loitering around the stalls selling Manchester United souveniers, whistles and stuff. However within 2 hours or so it was jam packed with 85,000 football fanatics.

Just before the kickoff. All the players being paraded, shaking hands and the coin toss on which side of the pitch they will play.

Ahh finally the game got underway. Can you imagine waiting 4 hours for it to start in the heat. Especially when we weren't allowed to bring in water. Phew what a relief when the whistle was blown! :D

It was a pretty interesting game. The Malaysian side really stepped up. Sadly due to their immaturity they gave away many good chances. The Red Devils were up by 2 goals from Rooney and Nani before Amri scored a wonderful goal just before the half.

After the goal by Amri majority of the spectators started rooting for the home team. Even though we were all there for the Red Devils but we are after all Malaysians. :D The support paid off well as Amri scored a nice scrap goal when Ben Foster fumbled on a back pass.

Sadly the final score was 2 - 3. A last minute goal by our new boy, Michael Owen. I know the Red Devils didn't really give it their all but the Harimau Muda played with lots of passion and determination. They brought the game to the visitors and showed that with the right coaching they can actually play professionally. Kudos to coach K. Rajagopal!

The boys parading around the pitch. Giving us our moneys worth! Hehe. It was amazing to see all of them up close. Sadly Vidic and Park did not come down for the tour due to injuries.

All and all it was a great experience. Something I will definately do again except for maybe riding the damn LRT to Bukit Jalil. Its not worth the pressure of fighting the thousands of people trying to get home!

Glory glory Man United!

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