Friday, July 03, 2009

30 already...

OMG! I'm officially 30 years old. Arrgghh time has flown by. The BIG THREE ZERO! LOL. Then again who cares right? Its just another year gone by.

Started off the day with a surprise party of sorts by my colleagues. This year was rather special with 4 cakes. Imagine the smile on my face. Luckily none of them had 30 candles on em'. Hehe.

It was definately a wonderful surprise. On top of that I was presented with some nice prezzies. :D

Look at me checking out all the yummy cakes. Red Devil inspired CuppaCakes plus marble cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake and carrot cake from Secret Recipe. Phew. Best part they were all finished by the time we were done with work. Hehe. ;)

Above is what the Exelon team got me. Yup its Ultimate Bumblebee! Really appreciate the gift guys. *sniff* Look at the big smile on my face. On top of that I got 2 bottles of liquor. A Johnnie Walker Green Label by the EMEA team and Medoff vodka from Ukraine.

It was a great start to my 30th birthday I tell ya. Still smiling from it! :D

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