Friday, February 18, 2005

10 reasons why i miss winter...

1. Making snow angels.
2. Playing american football after a fresh snowfall.
3. Drinking hot chocolate.
4. Cuddling in bed with your loved one.
5. Throwing snow balls.
6. Sliding around with your car on an empty car park.
7. Watching people fall down rushing to class/work.
8. Eating ice cream outdoors.
9. Snowboarding.
10. Having a steamboat party.


Vick said...

1 reason why i hate winter

1. We don't freakin' have winter

sbd18 said...

awww boo hoo...go to mines wonderland la...or crawl inside your freezer...=P

Vick said...

the freezer part....i do most often

Turbology said...

Snow can be extremely fun when you slide it with 4WD (especially with VR4)

sbd18 said...

i have to agree on that turbology but i still prefer a rear wheel...or even a front wheel...losing control is the fun part..