Friday, February 18, 2005

are u on friendster...

Friendster. What a truly magical thing. A simple idea adapted so well that its become part of peoples lives. From finding a long lost classmate to searching for your future partner. It would be really sad to have a friendster profile and not have a single person linked because theres just got to be at least someone you know on there. And if you don't, then sadly you might have other issues to work on. A thing I realised about Friendster is that there are a few categories of people on there. Firstly you have the 'realist'. Now these people are there for what the service was made for, which is to network. A place where you can meet your lost friends, current friends and make new friends. Then we have the 'wannabes'. These are people who behave black when they are white, cool when their not or smart when they are far from it. I'm sure you get where I'm going with this. Another category would be the 'perverts'. Do I even have to explain this category??!! With the pictures some people post and the huge selection with just a click of the button. You wonder why there aren't more of this kind out there. Lastly would be the 'advertisers'. These people create profiles just to promote themselves or whatever they are selling. Whether it could be an upcoming porn star, a new club in Bangsar or the next Kate Moss. There is just no better place than on Friendster. Its free, allows uploading of pictures and extremely easy to use. Now if only they can fix some of the freaking bugs on the server so I can get back to adding Beyonce and Halle Berry to my freaking list!

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