Saturday, July 16, 2005

cars that i've owned (part deux)...

After I managed to get some money from my old man I went ahead and sold off the Corolla for almost the same price I bought it. Lost about 50 bucks but I had the car for a year, so no complaints. I replaced the Corolla with another Toyota called the Tercel. It was a 1995 dark green 1.5 liter automatic coupe. Got the car at a salvage reseller. What they do is they buy cars that went through accidents and the owners just discarded them. They take ownership of it and fix it up. Good as new. Usually the accidents do not involve the front and almost always minor stuff compared to what we fix up here in Malaysia. Good thing for me is the price of the car is almost cut into half.

Comparing to the Corolla it was one hellave ride and soon I called her Zoe. I had this car for about 2 years plus and just like the Corolla it had been everywhere. She was a real easy car to drive. Power was spot on, handling nippy and looked good. Zoe also managed to teach about 5 people how to drive, as well as pass their driving exams to get their licenses. Sadly towards the end one of them crashed Zoe soon after getting her license. And this was while I was back in Malaysia for summer. Luckily it was all body damage and could be fixed easily. By the time I got back to US she looked almost as I had left her.Over the 2 years I did alot of modifications to the car. All by myself as well. This was mainly because labor charges in US are ridiculous and I also had tonnes of free time so it was fun playing around with her. With the money I made from part time work I upgraded my sound system (which to me is the most essential modification for any car), got better brakes, changed the air intake and exhaust as well as added some suspension upgrades. After all was done, the car could really perform. I'm not saying it could beat WRXs or EVOs but it could take some cars bigger than her. The last plan I had for the car was to turbocharge it but something else caught my eye which was much cheaper.

Will blog about that next time. Sadly I don't have a picture of Zoe. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Will post if I do. Cheers.

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