Tuesday, December 12, 2006

40% pay hike?!

OMG. Can you freaking believe it?! CUEPACS is requesting a pay hike of around 40% for civil workers. To top it off they actually feel that they DESERVE it! LOL. Supposedly all justified with their improvements in service. Can anyone please tell me which part has been improved? Are they like more prompt in going for their breaks? Or is it the great 'smile' they provide when serving customers? KPIs my ass! Do they even know what it stands for. Arrrgggh. Dammit I am the one who deserves a freaking pay hike. Give me 15% and I'll be happy. No make that 10%. I'll be smiling throughout my work day I tell ya. At least I meet my KPIs. Actually, come to think of it, at least I have freaking KPIs! =P

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