Friday, December 29, 2006

rm25 fried sotong?!

Arrgghh. Just got back from one of the most expensive yet worse mamak dinner ever. We were at Pelita, Bangsar. As usual had the nasi kandar with my all time favourite fried squid. I know it was suicide just ordering it cos the highest I've seen listed is RM14 just for the squid. I was ready to pay that amount cos I had to satisfy my cravings. But can you guess how much freaking Pelita charged me? And I'm talking about say a 6 inch piece of squid here. Fucking RM25 just for the squid. OMG. I asked the waiter and he says its normal. Told him why not list the damn price so people don't get a heart attack and he had the cheek to tell me that I should have asked. RM25 for a 6 inch piece of friend squid. Freaking a! Dammit. After bitching for a bit he went to speak to his boss and came back. Gave me a RM5 discount. LOL. RM20 is still fucking too much. The damn squid didn't even taste good. Arrgghh. I'm never heading back to Pelita again. Damn highway robbery!


korokmu said...

Thats how people make money!

Neo said...

OMG so expensive!.. but RM5 discount is better than paying RM25!