Thursday, December 14, 2006

merry christmas...

Ahh its that time of the year again. I don't really celebrate it but somehow it is one of the most colorful holidays around. Could be due to the abundance of songs on it as well as all the colorful decorations. Guess being in US for 4 years also influenced me a tad bit. The celebrations there are much more elaborate and festive though especially being their major holiday as well as the bundles and bundles of snow. Sigh. Really do miss snow. Come December the environment just changes. Everyone is perkier and go about with more gusto. You don't really get that in Malaysia. I noticed its more of a shopping holiday than anything else. Can't help it with all the year end sales.

This year I'll be pigging out during Christmas. Gonna starve till then though. Been abstaining from alot of stuff. After losing some weight, last thing I wanna do before 2007 is gain it all back. LOL. Although am not sure I can withold myself with all the yummy treats on offer. Anyways its not often you get to pig out so might as well dig in right. Hehe.

Well just wanted to wish you folks a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! =)

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