Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2006 resolutions...

Wow time surely flies. In another 12 days we'll be ushering in 2007. This morning I started thinking back of the resolutions I made for this year and if I manage to accomplish any of em'. To tell you the truth I didn't remember much of it but lets have a look shall we.

1. Lose weight
Surprisingly managed to lose 2.5kgs, very impressive (at least to me) although handful of ppl are telling me to stop losing. :P

2. Look for a new job
Not forthcoming this year, even my job scope hasn't changed. Sigh. I did have offers but nothing safe enuff for me to actually accept.

3. Find a girlfriend
Ahh managed to find someone finally. Sadly its not going to be easy. Gonna be rocky for quite awhile but hope all works out. Wish me luck folks!

4. Travel overseas
Manage to head to North India for 16 days, had a great experience. Won't go back though. Hehe.

5. Buy a house
Not forthcoming as well. Still haven't mustered up enuff downpayment. =(

6. Slow down on my drinking
Even though most don't believe it but yes i have cut down on my liquor. Hmmm maybe thats how I lost some weight. =)

All and all not that bad huh. 4 outta 6. 67% success rate. Guess I can work on the other 2 in 2007 with a whole load of other resolutions. Haven't really thought about it but I'll come up with something soon.

Okay I better head back to work. You guys have a good week k. Cheerio.

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Hybernating Bear said...

haha... to be honest, you like like you lost more than 2.5 kilos man... and I ain't joking... hmm, maybe it's time for me to revise my old resolution.. I don't think I was as successful though