Friday, June 06, 2008

it went up, so what?

Sigh. Whats the big fuss over the petrol hike? Yes I know it was a huge difference but then weren't we all expecting it? Was it worth causing multiple hours of traffic jams just to pump ya last tank of RM1.92 (per liter) petrol? Thats if you got to the pump before it supposedly 'finished'.

We should accept the fact that with the speculated pricing of crude oil worldwide the government will have to lower the subsidies to cope. They can't be sustaining it when its already US$138 per barrel! I would however agree that the way it was done is rather shocking. 78 sens a liter is a huge jump.

They should have at least increased it gradually over the months instead of big increments. Smaller yet more frequent changes would be easily acceptable. Least then we are ready and can plan ahead so to speak. I mean yes the public will still bitch about it but least the burden is slight wherelse now its rather evident.

On a positive note the goverment will be giving out rebates of RM625 per year for cars below 2000cc. However I wonder how its going to be implemented considering how half assed most of their plans are. Can't imagine post offices stocking up on cash for each road tax renewal. Guess we can only wait and see.

Oh well gotta make some lifestyle changes. No more joyrides to calm the nerves. No more waiting in the car for people. Gotta arrange more car pooling for drinking, futsal or makan sessions. Damn gotta stop flooring the pedal as well. Arrrgghhh. Then again, within 2 weeks, everything will be back to normal like nothing ever happened. LOL.

Cheers folks. Relax and have a nice coooooold stout! :D

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