Saturday, June 28, 2008


Damn I've been swamped lately at work. Been having 14 hour days and serious lack of sleep. Haven't read so many blogs or forums. Even skipped newspapers a handful of days due to rushing to work. Finally after 2 odd years of hoping, I got assigned with a new project.

Really looking forward to it but sadly with some lack of planning certain things have been rushed. On one side am frustrated due to the haphazard transition and unfair pressure but on the other side am happy for the challenge. It is tiring but hey better than the daily routine right? After a couple of months (okay maybe 6 months) it will all settle and I'll start bitching again that am bored. LOL.

Oh well, for now I'm actually happy to be home and able to hit the sack. Gonna savour this weekend and rest well. Next week the new team is coming in and longer days ahead. Happy weekend guys and pray Germany takes the cup! :D

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hIEw~~ said...

new team wor...hope u can start working and not bitching boring...LOL