Sunday, June 29, 2008

lcd monitor...

Just got myself a new toy yesterday. Dad wanted to get me something for my birthday and he knew I was eyeing an LCD monitor. So voila! I now have a shiny glossy black 19" Samsung 943BWX LCD monitor. :D

It was a toss up between Samsung and View Sonic and due to reputation I decided to go for Samsung. They also come with 3 years warranty so thats comforting. Almost got a 22" as old man didn't mind but decided against it as it would be a waste considering my usage. But boy it was sweet looking. Would be great to watch movies or play games. ;)

Soon after getting back I transferred my current 17" CRT Samsung to my dad's rig as he has a 10 year old 15" Dell monitor. Yup it lasted for 10 freaking years! Its still running fine but since my CRT is newer and much clearer might as well use it. Am now looking for a recycling center so I can drop off the Dell.

Am still getting used to the LCD monitor. Its hard to find the right settings that will work with my eyes and in my room but I guess all in time. Did I mention everything looks sweeter on it? Hehe. Just played a game and damn what a difference.

Thanks old man for a great birthday gift! :D

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Cristiano Ronaldo said...

You were right to get the Samsung, their quality is far better than any other monitors on the market at a reasonable price, the black levels are pretty excellent too!